It isn’t just young people considering whether to embark on a career in construction. Even some more seasoned in the working world are now weighing the pros and cons of the industry, as the booming market tempts people to make a change.

But what would you benefit?

Well most construction workers love the excitement of a buzzing, productive environment and seeing the actual fruits of your labour when the project is completed. Others love the innovative designs, modern equipment being used (such as drones and exoskeletons) as well as ever improving techniques to create bigger, better and safer buildings.

Other benefits to consider:

  • When you work within construction industry you will be a member of a very important team and you will be making a difference to your community, building it up for future generations.
  • Nothing can compare to the job satisfaction that comes from knowing your work will stand for many decades, and be used and enjoyed by numerous people.
  • If you live in Australia another major benefit is the fact that construction sites in our nation are among the safest in the world. Australian construction sites are forced to abide by strict standards which dictate that employers provide a safe work environment and a safe system of work to their employees.
  • Another reason construction workers in Australia are better off than their counterparts in some other countries is because Construction Safety Training is a mandatory requirement. Everyone who enters the industry has to complete a White Card course, either in person at a training institute or online with a Registered Training Provider. This ensures that everyone who walks onto the construction site for work, has at least a basic safety knowledge.
  • Workers who begin as apprentices in their trades can find themselves making it up the ladder quickly, with many planning on opening their own businesses in the future. Much of the work in this field is subcontracted which makes the opportunity to be your own boss a possibility.
  • The current skills shortage in the construction sector is another major benefit. Employers are seeking people skilled in all the construction trades as well as professionals such as architects, engineers etc. The Department of Employment has created a number of Occupational reports on the construction trades for each state which indicate that shortages are rife in most fields in all states.

Another major benefit of construction is that it allows you to travel. Many construction workers travel around and even across borders as projects are completed and new ones arise. Because the White Card issued by us online is nationally recognised, once you complete the course with us you can use your White Card as proof of having completed general construction safety training anywhere in the country.


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