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Date PostedMarch 6, 2013

White Card Latest News: Canberra Construction Industry Safety Video Highlights Cost to Families

As authorities crackdown on construction industry safety, this video looks into the high emotional cost of construction incidents by looking at it from the point of view of a wife of a construction worker who died in an accident on a site last year.

Canberra has been the source of concern with serious injury rates being almost double the national average in the state. Authorities are now cracking down on OHS in the state in order to minimise cases such as the tragic one discussed in the story below as posted on www.Abc.net.au:

Link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-03-01/workplace-safety-response/4548776

One of the issues that will be targeted by authorities in the crackdown is that all workers on site are in possession of their general construction safety white card.

Any person who enters a construction site must have adequate training to prove that he is able to identify and avoid hazards that could cause death or injury due to the dangers that a construction site poses.

Every worker regardless of their position or rank must be in possession of the White Card Training Certificate to certify that they are qualified to work on a construction site.  Each worker is ultimately responsible for his own safety but also ensure that he/she does not put the lives of his/her co-workers at risk.  Therefore no matter the task being undertaken, every construction worker should ensure that he is working safely.


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