A picture of the overturned vehicle which crashed into a road construction site killing one person.

Source: http://www.oceancountysignal.com/2012/08/15/driver-escapes-injury-in-rollover-accident-on-the-garden-state-parkway/

Tragedy has struck an American road construction zone in South Dakota highlighting the danger that road construction workers are placed in every day.

The accident happened on Tuesday evening last week when a vehicle collided with a construction zone adjacent to the roadway. The details of the accident are still under investigation however the picture above shows us how serious this crash was. Read what the post on OceanCountrysignal.com reported on the incident,

One person was killed in a vehicle accident Tuesday evening in a construction zone in the Industrial Park, close to the intersection of North Enterprise Street and Capital Avenue Northeast, police Capt. Dave McNeil said.

Details of the accident were still under investigation as of Tuesday evening, McNeil said.

It was unclear what vehicle or vehicles were involved in the accident.

The victim, whose name will not be released until family members are notified, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, said Michael Carlsen, Brown County coroner.

Read the full article at: http://articles.aberdeennews.com/2013-07-23/news/40755398_1_vehicle-accident-brown-county-sheriff-battalion-chief

Something this incident makes perfectly clear is that road construction zones are construction sites like any other and so the hazards associated with them need to be treated as any hazard on any construction site would be. One of the biggest differences though, which needs to be taken into consideration is that road construction workers aren’t always in control of their own safety – drivers can place road construction workers lives at risk, sometimes with tragic circumstances.

While no one has control over another’s actions, as road construction workers and principal contractors of road work sites we can manage the hazards presented by civilian drivers.

Contractors should ensure the drivers are aware of the road construction zone well in advance so that they have sufficient time to adjust their driving and speeds. Road signs, markings, delineation devices should be used to warn drivers of road works ahead of them.  Also periodically drive through the worksite to check that all signs, markings and delineation devices, as seen by other road users, are satisfactory and in their correct position that is adequately visible.

Workers that do not need to be exposed to hazards, shouldn’t be. In the same regard, any workers who are on a break need to be in an area away from the hazard and clear of the work site.

Mobile plant should be parked in a safe spot, away from traffic lanes. Instruct traffic controllers to remain on the job (though relieve them as necessary) where there are traffic hazards, or where only one lane is open to traffic.

Reposition barriers, signs and tapers as necessary to adjust the length of single lane traffic operation, keeping it to a minimum. Keep records of any changes made, and the time these occurred

Once work on the site has finished or workers leave, remove or cover signs such as Traffic Controller Ahead/PREPARE TO STOP.


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