According to a new study, Aussie businesses and the economy are losing up to $30 billion every year due to workplace injuries.

Now an Australian company, Konekt is urging employers to help get workers back on the job to help minimise this number.

According to the student conducted by the company which helps rehabilitate injured workers, the annual cost of workplace injuries are attributed to lost salaries, legal and administrative costs, medical expenses etc. By acting to get workers back into the workforce sooner, businesses could save themselves and the economy a lot of money.

The company’s research shows that if a person stays off work for 20 days they are 70 per cent likely to return to work but if they are off for 70 days or more, they are only 35 per cent likely to return. So the longer a worker is off work, the less likely it is that they will return at all.

According to the company, Australia is fairly slow to respond to workplace injuries when it comes to early intervention with most companies waiting to receive a formal claim or complaint before they take any action.

In addition to supporting workers and helping them return to work as soon as safely possible, it is also vital that employers provide workers with a safe work environment and system of work, as is their duty of care under the law.

The majority of workplace injuries are avoidable and are usually a result of human error. While we all make mistakes, workplaces should have the necessary controls in place to ensure that these mistakes are kept to a minimal. One very important consideration is that everyone on the site is qualified to be there. In the construction industry this means that every person must have completed general construction induction safety training.

Laying a good foundation of knowledge regarding safety is vital in ensuring workers stay safe on site and do not endanger the lives of their co-workers – the white card course does this thereby positively affecting construction safety and minimising the number of incidents and injuries.

This training is mandatory for all construction workers in Oz under national law and failing to ensure that any one of your workers hasn’t completed this training not only makes you liable to receive a fine but can jeopardise the safety of other workers on site as well.

If an injury does occur, workers must ensure that they complete a claim form in order to claim compensation for the injury. Workers should not be fearful of filing a claim because employers cannot victimise you for doing so, neither can they fire you.

If you require time off work or if you wish to return to work on light duty, you should obtain a certificate of competency from a medical practitioner as soon as possible. But it is also important that you recover and return to work as soon as possible without negatively impacting your health.


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