Model WHS laws have just been imposed across seven jurisdictions as of 1st January 2013. The jurisdictions include, South Australia and Tasmania joined NSW, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and the Commonwealth. Employers and workers should be aware of what this means, in which territories.

South Australia passed its laws at the end of last year following a long and arduous journey to make it past parliament. Tasmania on the other hand had passed its laws before SA but postponed its start date to later.

Western Australian authorities have committed to harmonisation which will entail the adoption of the laws with amendments to be added later on.

While Victoria and Western Australia have not yet introduced the laws which include amendments such as amendments such as including the right to silence and further clarifying a person’s duty to manage risks by adding the extent to which they have the capacity to influence and control the matter.Victorian authorities however have confirmed that they will not introduce the new laws in the form they are currently in any time in the foreseeable future.


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