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Date PostedNovember 2, 2012

White Card Update: Working Safely with Generators

Source : Paul Anderson

Although generators can provide great assistance in providing power on construction sites, they can present a hazard if not used correctly.

It is vital to remember not to use petrol, diesel or LPG powered equipment in confined or poorly ventilated areas because the carbon monoxide released may be undetectable yet deadly to humans.

Some of the precautions workers should take include:

  • If a fire breaks out, use a suitable fire extinguisher which should be located in an easily accessible place and be kept in good condition. Workers should be educated on the hazards of refuelling and how to manage this hazard.
  • Portable generators should be placed on a firm, steady surface or ground and be kept away from heat.  It should also always be operated in well ventilated spaces and never in low lying areas because vapours could collect and ignite causing a fire or suffocation and subsequent death.
  • Moving or transporting generators can also be hazardous. Workers should allow the motor of the generator to cool down and keep it in an upright position when moving. Until the machine has cooled it should be kept in a well-ventilated space.
  • Pour fuel into a generator using a proper fuel container or funnel to minimise the risk of generating static electricity which can ignite a spark which can cause a fire.

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