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Document Checklist

New White Card ONLINE Document Checklist (CPCCWHS1001)

Please note, before you can complete and online White Card course, you must check that you are eligible for the online course by clicking on the map here. (Opens in new Tab)

If your State or Territory is not eligible, the below information does not apply to you.

Before you can complete your video verbal assessment for the ONLINE White Card, we must receive one of the documents listed below to confirm your identity, and residence in WA.

Document 1: Copy of Photographic Identification bearing a WA address

 Take a CLEAR photocopy of your photographic identification (it does not need to be certified)
  • Make sure the picture is clear enough that we could identify you
  • Make sure your name and date of birth can be clearly read

What is photographic identification? Photographic identification can be either of the following:

  • Current Western Australian Driver’s Licence
  • Current Western Australian learner driver’s permit
  • Current Western Australian Student Identification

If you do not have access to one of these acceptable forms of photo ID, you must submit two (2) other forms of ID, at least one (1) of which shall bear the current address of the participant, as contributing to proof of ID, such as but not limited to:

  • Australian Driver’s License (Current and Valid)
  • Passport (Current and Valid)
  • 18 Plus Card


  • Recent utilities invoice with a Western Australia address and the name of the person to whom the white card will be issued

Submitting your ID

Once you have your ID ready, please send them to Urban E-Learning via one of the following methods:

  • Scan and upload directly via the website (Max. file size is 3MB) (Log in with your username and password sent to you, via email, when you first registered for the course.)
  • Post to: Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd PO Box 575 SPRING HILL QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA 4004.

Once your ID has been received and verified by Urban E-Learning, you will be able to access your live video verbal assessment to finalise your course.

Document 2: Declaration Form

 Once you have completed your course, knowledge and live video verbal assessment, you will need to complete your declaration. The declaration is a legal document in which:
  • You declare that the work submitted during the course was your own work, and
  • You declare you have not received any assistance from anyone else (other than our qualified trainer assessors) in the completion of the assessment
  • You acknowledge that you received advice from Urban E-learning that you would only be issued with a white card if you are physically located in WA at the time of assessment
  • You confirm that you were physically located in WA at the time of assessment*
  • You provide the address in WA where the assessment was undertaken, and
  • You agree to participate, where requested, in audit activities by DMIRS to Confirm that you were physically located in WA at the time of assessment

In order to complete the declaration, you need to:

  • Open the declaration form
  • Sign it electronically (see instructions within document) and save to your device
  • Upload it to the Student Declaration module in your course


  • Open the declaration form
  • Print the document, sign it manually, scan or take a clear photo of it and save it to your device
  • Upload it to the Student Declaration module in your course

Submitting your Declaration

If you have difficulty uploading your signed declaration via the website (Max. file size is 3MB) (Log in with your username and password sent to you, via email, when you first registered for the course), you can send it to using one of the alternative methods below:

  • Email to: [email protected]
  • Post to: Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd PO Box 575 SPRING HILL QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA 4004.

Once your Declaration has been received and verified by Urban E-Learning and you have completed your student feedback, we will post your White Card to you.

To register for your course, you will need a copy of your government issued Photo ID (eg. Passport, Drivers License, etc.).

Once you’ve completed the course and we’ve sent you your Statement of Attainment, you will take that to a Service Centre in Tasmania
(For locations click here), along with your completed and signed Construction Induction Application Form.

At the service centre, you will require the following evidence of identity:

Evidence of identity

When applying for a licence, you will be required to supply evidence of identity documents. The below items are acceptable forms of identification.

You will need at least:

  • 1 document from Category A plus 2 documents from Category B; or
  • 2 documents from Category A plus 1 document from Category B

All documents must be original and current.

Category A forms of identification

  • Birth Certificate (not an extract)
  • Citizenship papers
  • Passport
  • Overseas passport/visa
  • Driver’s licence
  • Firearm licence
  • Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs issued travel documents, including a visa
  • Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs issued Certificate of Evidence of Residential Status

Category B forms of identification

  • Medicare Card
  • Plastic bank or credit card, with signature
  • Tertiary student card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs/Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Births Deaths and Marriages Change of Name/Marriage Certificate (to prove name change)
  • Security Guard/Crowd Controller Licence
  • Government issued Personal Photo ID Card

Updated: 19th December 2019. Source: Construction Induction Application Form

First, you must be sure that your residential PostCode in QLD is eligible to complete an ONLINE White Card.  (Check here)

Then, you will need to provide the following evidence of identity documents after your register for the course:

Evidence of identity requirements

Evidence of identity (EOI) documents must be made up of three matching original EOI documents. A copy must be retained or documents sighted with details recorded, excepting a financial institution debit/credit card, on the applicant’s file. You are required to keep a record that a debit/credit card was one of the original documents sighted. The three documents can be made up of:

 One category A + two category B       OR       Two category A + one category B

At least one category A document must be photographic and show a full name and date of birth (DOB).

Category A documents
(The following must be current):

  • Australian Birth Certificate – full (not an Extract or a Commemorative Certificate)
  • Bicentennial Birth Certificate (born in 1988)
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate/Naturalisation Certificate
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) – Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status – Visa Evidence Card (with PLO56 Visa) 
  • Queensland or Federal police officer photo identity card.
  • Queensland High Risk Work licence (photographic)

 (The following must be current or less than two years):

  • Australian Passport (including Australian Document of Identity)
  • Foreign Passport
  • Australian photo driver licence
  • An Australian issued education institution student identity document (must include photo)
  • An Australian issued Photo Identification Card (this has replaced the 18+ card)
  • Queensland Accreditation/Authorisation (laminated) – Driver/rider trainer; pilot/escort vehicle driver; dangerous goods driver; tow truck driver/assistant certificate – Bus; taxi; limousine driver 

The following are valid for up to five years after issue:

  • DIBP – ImmiCard; Temporary or Resident Visa; Document for travel to Australia. Note: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is not accepted.

The following must be issued after 01/01/1992

  • Queensland Card 18+ (laminated)

Issued after 01/01/1992 


Category B documents – must be Australian issued documents 

 All must be current:

  • Australian Defence Force photo identity card (excluding civilians)
  • Australian Firearm Licence (with photo)
  • Australian Security Guard/Crowd Controller Licence (with photo)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs/Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card (including Healthcare card)
  • Education institution student identity document (without photo)
  • Financial institution debit/credit card (must include signature and embossed/printed name)
  • Medicare card (Green, Blue or Yellow)

In circumstances where an incarcerated person cannot provide the above specified identification, the RTO will contact the Office of Industrial Relations for advice.