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New South Wales

White Card in NSW - ONLY 


On 13th May 2020, Urban E-Learning, the parent RTO of this website, was one of the first RTO’s in Australia to be granted approval by WorkSafe NSW to deliver the new “Connected Real-Time Delivery” version of the White Card course to NSW Residents.  This is a special COVID19 provision of Worksafe NSW, in recognition of the fact that insisting that students attend a classroom is counter to social-distancing rules imposed by government.

Please note that this is training is for parties who currently reside in NSW.

Connected Delivery means that you join a class via a special secure online meeting room, via the easy-to-use platform called Zoom

Up to 10 people can be in this “virtual classroom” for the course, and just like a face-to-face classroom course it’s expected to take most of a full day to complete (6-8 hours).

Connected Delivery Course Content:

Like a classroom, only virtual!

The content of the course is delivered by the NSW trainer from his/her computer and web-cam, and also uses Power Point style learning aides just as it would in a physical classroom, and also you will be provided with a downloadable Student Guide which will provide you with the detailed course content to follow along with.

Connected Delivery Course Assessments:

Three Parts to the Assessment

The assessment for the course three components is outlined below (this is similar to normal face to face):

Knowledge Assessment:

You will complete a series of written knowledge assessment activities throughout the day of your Connected Real-Time Delivery session.  You can either upload the completed assessment document, or you can email it using the contact details provided by the trainer assessor.

Short Answer Assessment:

You will complete a series of short written assessment activities and similarly you can either upload the completed assessment document, or you can email it using the contact details provided by the trainer assessor.

Verbal Assessment:

During the Connected Real-Time Delivery session, you will be required to complete a verbal assessment and undertake practical activities (such as correctly fitting PPE) with the trainer/assessor in an individual ‘break-out’ session.

Your trainer will give you all necessary instructions on the day, but you must ensure you have the required PPE with you before the session begins.
In order to complete this assessment, you MUST have access to the required PPE, this includes:
• Hard hat
• High-visibility clothing
• Eye protection,
• Ear protection, and
• Dust Mask

During the registration process you will have the opportunity to purchase the required PPE (Excluding the Dust Mask) if you need it, and it will be Express Posted out to you.

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