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Virtual Delivery (via Zoom) Now Available to ALL Queenslanders
Just $109.

Can I Get A White Card Online in Queensland?


Due to COVID19 provisions, ALL Queensland residents can now do a White Card without leaving home, using our "virtual classroom" course delivered via Zoom online classroom.

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Virtual Classroom
Online Course

Virtual Classroom

Recently WorkSafe QLD have approved select RTO’s to deliver the White Card course via a “virtual online classroom”.

This is a special COVID19 provision of Worksafe QLD, and is referred to as “Connected Real Time Delivery” (CRTD).

Connected Delivery means that you join a class via a special secure online meeting room, via the easy-to-use platform called Zoom.

Up to 10 people can be in this “virtual classroom” for the course, and just like a face-to-face classroom course it’s expected to take most of a full day to complete (6-8 hours).

Connected Real Time Delivery Course Content:

Like a classroom, only virtual!  Just $109.

Connected Real Time Delivery Course Assessments:

The assessment for the course is in two components as outlined below (this is similar to normal face to face):

Knowledge Assessment:

You will complete a series of knowledge assessment activities throughout the day of your Connected Real-Time Delivery session. This will be completed online through our Training portal during the session.

Verbal Assessment:

During the Connected Real-Time Delivery session, you will be required to complete a verbal assessment and undertake practical activities (such as correctly fitting PPE) with the trainer/assessor in an individual ‘break-out’ session. 

Your trainer will give you all necessary instructions on the day, but you must ensure you have the required PPE with you before the session begins.
In order to complete this assessment, you MUST have access to the required PPE, this includes:

During the registration process you will have the opportunity to purchase the required PPE if you need it, and it will be Express Posted out to you.

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Online Course

Due to changes made by the Queensland government in 2019, the conditions for getting a White Card via a purely online course have changed in QLD, compared to the previous ten years.

Essentially, the QLD government now dictate that unless you can only do a purely online course if you live in a rural and remote area, and you live more than 100kms away from the nearest Registered training Organisation (RTO) that offers the White Card face-to-face course.  You can find out if you’re eligible to do an online course by entering your residential Post Code below.  Note that you CAN do our “Connected Real Time Delivery” Course, delivered via Zoom call.  Click Here to see more

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Is My QLD White Card Recognised in Other States & Territories?


The Worksafe QLD Website states:

“The following construction induction cards are recognised in Queensland and vice versa:

  • Victoria construction induction card
  • New South Wales construction induction card
  • Australian Capital Territory construction induction card
  • South Australia construction induction card
  • Tasmania construction induction card
  • Western Australia construction induction card
  • Northern Territory construction induction card.

Queensland white cards (including the former ‘blue’ cards) are also accepted throughout Australia.”

Source:  WorkSafe QLD