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South Australia

White Card in South Australia - Can You Get One Online?


Unfortunately, you cannot do a White Card course through Urban E-Learning if you live in South Australia.

We suggest you contact Access Training Centre to book in Face-to-Face training at one of their locations in South Australia.

If you want to understand why this has changed recently compared to the last many years, learn More Here

Does South Australia Accept Online White Cards From Other States?


The  Safework SA website states:

“Our WHS inspectors may ask construction workers to provide their White Card for inspection, and ask the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to show their induction training or other worker competency records.

PCBUs in control of construction sites in South Australia are obliged to accept interstate White Cards under WHS Regulation 318 – Recognition of general construction induction training cards issued in other jurisdictions.

All cards issued after 1 July 2011 have photographic ID. Cards issued before that date, without photo ID, remain acceptable. A person in control of a construction site may ask a worker to undertake refresher training if they consider it necessary, in which case a new card and photo ID will be issued by the RTO.

Although White Cards carry SafeWork SA’s name, trainee records are kept by individual RTOs. If you lose your card you can seek a replacement from the RTO where you completed your original training. This may incur a fee.”

Official site: Safework SA