Australia’s Crane Capital

Sydney has 350 cranes on construction sites around the city, and it’s mostly thanks to residential construction.

In second place is Melbourne with a record 150 cranes but it still doesn’t compare to Sydney’s 350, according to the RLB Crane index, published biannually by Rider Levett Bucknall.

Sydney’s cranes aren’t concentrated in the CBD alone. They are spread across 109 suburbs in Sydney as well. Epping is the suburb with the highest number of cranes at 16 followed by Wolli Creek with 13.

This is significant because cranes are an indication of construction activity, which is booming in Sydney, particularly residential construction. Read more at

National Asbestos Training for Apprentices

The CFMEU has called for mandatory national training on asbestos safety for apprentices and tradies, similarly to the mandatory White Card training that all construction workers must undergo.

A Curtin University study revealed that three out of four tradespeople could not identify asbestos in the workplace, increasing their risk of exposure. Because many Australian buildings still have asbestos and it is also illegally imported into the country, it is crucial that we know how to identify it, and what to do if we come across it.

This prompted the unions call who also urged the State and Federal Governments as well as the sector to tackle the lack of regulation in the building industry which they say is putting lives at risk.

The CFMEU says we need national, mandatory training for all apprentices to make them aware of the dangers and how to safely handle asbestos.

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Singapore Highway Collapses While Under Construction

A partially built elevated highway under construction in Singapore has collapsed, killing one worker and injuring ten others.

The incident which happened in Singapore where construction safety regulations are stringent, was described as rare.

The worker killed was Chinese, the ten injured were made up of Chinese and Bangladeshi nationals.

Reports say 60 emergency officials rushed to the scene of the incident and worked into the early morning to free workers trapped in the rubble.

At the time of the incident all 11 workers involved were working on top of the structure, officials said all workers have been accounted for.

Investigations have been launched into the cause of the collapse.


Worker Almost Crushed on Superway Worksite

A horrendous crane and elevated work platform crash has resulted in a massive fine for the builder involved.

The Australian building company was fined $280,000 for major safety violations discovered by the federal work safety regulator Comcare.

The regulator embarked on an intensive investigation which found inadequate communication and isolation measures on the part of the builder and inadequate supervision, instruction and training.

Comcare said the worker was lucky to escape serious injury and possibly death given the circumstances.

The incident occurred when 2 large portal cranes were loading sections of a road bridge onto trucks when one of the cranes collided with an elevated platform, forcing the worker to try to leap out as the basket he was in buckled but his harness was holding him in. The man just managed to lean out of the basket and avoid being crushed as the crane stopped just in time.


What To Do To Avoid A Sore Neck

melb metro

Are you prone to waking up with a crick in your neck? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

According to a musculoskeletal expert, Dr Charles Kim, there are a number of causes of this neck pain that so many of us seem to wake up with in the morning.

But the one thing we all have in common is that waking up with this pain can easily ruin the entire day and even affect our ability to do our jobs especially if we’re involved in manual tasks like tradies are.

Dr Kim says the 2 main causes are the 2 things we do most frequently work and sleep. Once the pain hits, stretching can help as well as gentle massage.

So how do we avoid it? Focusing on your posture is crucial and when engaged in manual tasks like lifting, pushing and pulling we need to pay extra attention to this.

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How to Beat The Heat This Summer When Working Outside

The temperature is steadily rising and for those of us who spend most of the time outdoors, we need to be extra careful about heat protection or we risk heat stroke and heat stress, which could be fatal.

In Australia, more people are killed by the heat than any other natural disaster, with up to 80 per cent of heatstroke cases ending in death.

If you’re working in the direct sunlight, or even if you’re just working in the heat, remember to take the necessary measures to ensure your health and safety.

  1. Remain hydrated.
  2. Take breaks in the shade.
  3. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  4. Be aware of weather alerts and look out for heat illness symptoms.

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Why You Need to Ensure Visitor Safety

wall-collpase-Royal-Park-Hotel-600x400A commonly overlooked part of work health and safety in the construction sector is the adequate protection of visitors to the building site.

Protection of guests involves more than simply handing them a hard hat, although this is an important consideration. Visitors to any given site may be at risk of  a number of injuries caused by falls from heights, slips, trips and falls, being run over by a construction vehicle, being hit by a falling object or machinery, to name a few.

When developing the site safety plan, its crucial that those responsible consider visitors to the site, anticipate who they may be and there purpose and the types of risks they may face.

It’s also important that sites are properly secured to prevent unathorised entry. Most recently there have been calls for Pokemon Go players to be kept off construction sites after a number of players endangered themselves and others by entering dangerous sites.


You’ve Finished Building The House, Now What Will the New Owners Face When Moving In

moving inFor many of us who work in the construction industry, we find ourselves occupied with various tasks involved with the building of new residential homes.

While the focus is usually on pulling off the project management feat that is building a house, it is not surprising that the construction crew understandably give little or no thought to what the experience of actually moving into a new home will be like for the new owners.

Here is an article we found which may help bring some perspective on the things that new owners should think about and do, before actually moving in, hopefully it can help us as builders get into the mindset of our clients.

This post is by Removalists Bell Removers, a US business, and it lists the following points as important for homeowners to do before moving in to a new home

  1. The first thing a homeowner should do is make a checklist of the major defaults. If you’ve just built the house, let’s hope there aren’t any defects but these things do happen. Homeowners should do this check before they move in to avoid having to endure living through  more construction to rectify any faults.
  2. Walls and ceilings are adequately painted. If homeowners want to change colours or repaint for whatever reason, it’s best to do so before moving in or risk damaging their furniture and inhaling toxic fumes.
  3. Introducing themselves to the neighbours. Inconveniencing the neighbours as little as possible during the construction process, through noise and disruption, will mean the neighbours will take to the new homeowners better than they would if they had to endure a painful construction process.
  4. Making a map.  It’s a good idea to label exactly where the utilities and the main switchboard is located. Before handing over the house, it’s also a good idea to test the switches as this will likely be one of the first things the new home owners will do before labelling them. They will also need to know where the main water valve is located so they know where to cut it off if necessary. Basically homeowners need to know where all the wiring and pipes are located so providing a paper and electronic copy is a good idea. This will make it easier for the homeowner to send the information, for example in an emergency.
  5. Another major consideration for the new home owner is ensuring the house is clear of any unwanted co-inhabitants. Pests like insects and rodents should be exterminated before the owners even move in. The writer summed it up by advising new homeowners to…

hire an exterminator to spray your house before you move in. Nothing ruins a move more than finding a rat in the kitchen when you wake up on the first day in your new place.

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World Health Organisation Recognises Importance of Healthy Workplaces

apprentice training 2A recent article on discussed the importance of fighting lifestyle disease in the workplace, as this is where we spend most of our time.

Although the workplace isnt exactly the place we associate with health and wellbeing, the World Health Organisation identified it as the number one place to fight lifestyle disease.

The writer also highlights research indicating that there is a link between how healthy people are and how productive they feel they are at work.

Ultimately a healthier, happier workforce means a more productive workforce, with fewer sick days and a lower attrition rate.

While many employers are taking  note, there are some that are slower to catch on.


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Construction Site Traffic Plan

mobile crane
Source: Wikipedia

A recent article on highlighted the importance of having a traffic management plan in place on all construction sites, especially given the risks presented by mobile plant and equipment on work sites.

Every year there are hundreds of incidents involving mobile plant and mobile equipment and it isn’t just the employees on site that are at risk, even members of the public can be injured by these hazards.

Vehicles that enter, exit and move around construction sites are hazards that have the potential to cause injury, death and even damage to property. Read more at