WorkSafe Warns of Need to Rid Environment of Asbestos

4649080-16x9-340x191WorkSafe has warned that asbestos needs to be cleared out of our environment and people should not be afraid of the clean-up because it poses little risk to people nearby when done correctly by an accredited removalist.

Via an article on WorkSafe says they have often received enquiries from members of the public about whether asbestos removal poses any risk to the people around when it is being carried out.

WorkSafe principal scientific officer, Sally North says that WorkSafe often receives queries when asbestos is removed and as long as workers follow the code of practice which includes minimising the generation of asbestos fibres, there shouldn’t be any harm to the public.

Accredited removalists will know to keep the work surface wet, using a low pressure spray or by spraying with PVA.

North also explained that it is best to avoid the use of power tools to avoid disturbing the fibres and causing them to disperse into the air. She also added that fixtures should be left in place.

Sally North also explained that the risk is greatest for people who work with asbestos rather than those who may have encountered it once off, therefore those working with it need to be more careful.

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