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National Asbestos Awareness Week Observed

During Asbestos Awareness Week, 19-25 November the dangers related to asbestos were highlighted, particularly to young tradespeople and apprentices who may not be familiar with the risks or what to do if they suspect exposure. Minister for Industrial Relations Grace

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Raising Awareness about Risk of Imported Asbestos Products

 Asbestos containing building materials have become a major concern in Australia leading the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency and Queensland Building and Construction Commission to hold a seminar dedicated to raising awareness about the risk of imported products containing asbestos.

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Queensland Fatal Skylight Fall Under Investigation

An incident during which a worker fell 5 metres onto a concrete floor is under investigation by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. It appears the worker was attending to a radio tower on the roof of a storage shed when

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Report on Making Asbestos Less of A Danger

A new report by the Asbestos Safety Eradication Agency looked into practices that could help make asbestos less dangerous where it is not immediately possible to remove, examining current ways to contain and stabilise asbestos, especially in roofing. The agency

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Beware of Asbestos, Tradies Warned

Tradespeople in Victoria are being urged to educate themselves about asbestos, particularly how to identify it so as not to expose themselves and others to the deadly substance when engaging in renovation, demolition and maintenance work. The asbestos awareness campaign

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Report on Asbestos Safety Progress Released

The 2016-2017 Asbestos Safety and Eradication National Strategic Plan Progress Report has been released by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council at the organisation’s summit in Canberra. Agency CEO, Peter Tighe said significant work has been done across Australia by

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Asbestos Incident Leads to $60k Fine

An asbestos incident involving a Canberra earthmoving company has resulted in a $60,000 fine for the company. The ACT Industrial Court originally convicted the company and issued an $80,000 fine however it was reduced to $60,000, taking into consideration the

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Discovery of Asbestos Halts Opera House Construction

Work on the $200million renovations to the Sydney Opera House had to stop recently when workers downed their tools because of the discovery of friable asbestos fibres. Electrical workers refused to work installing cable throughout the building, until it was

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National Asbestos Training for Apprentices

The CFMEU has called for mandatory national training on asbestos safety for apprentices and tradies, similarly to the mandatory White Card training that all construction workers must undergo. A Curtin University study revealed that three out of four tradespeople could

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Demolition Rubble Improperly Disposed Of – Company Fined $65,000

A Darwin company has been issued a $65,000 fine after improperly disposing of waste from a demolition. The company was tasked with demolishing Department of Defence housing in Darwin and was suppose to sort and separate waste materials before disposing

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