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Revolutionary New Construction material made from Unlikely Waste


Researchers at a South African university have developed a way to make building materials using something we literally flush down the toilet every day.

Urine is the key ingredient in the construction of eco-friendly building materials, human urine that is.

The bio-bricks may be the sustainable alternative to the clay and concrete bricks that currently dominate the building landscape.

The technique used in the prototypes involved “growing” the bricks from urine, similarly to how seashells are naturally formed.The bricks take six or eight days to form.

The invention comes from 2 students and a lecturer at the University of Cape Town.


A List Of The Tallest Buildings In The World At The Moment


China’s landscape has undergone a drastic overhaul thanks to the construction of 88 of the world’s tallest buildings in 2018 – buildings 200metres high and over.

In 2018 there were 143 buildings of 200 metres or more were built and 18 buildings constructed were over 300 metres high.

There are currently 1478 buildings 200 metres or more across the globe, with 88 of those buildings being completed by China in 2018.

The USA constructed the second most number of tall buildings in 2018 with 13 buildings constructed.

Dubai still holds the record for the tallest building – The Burj Khalifa at 828 metres.

The second tallest building is the Shanghai Tower standing at 632 metres with theMakkah Royal Clock Tower standing at 601 metres high.


Construction Safety Update for 2019


So far in January (January 24, 2019) according to Safe Work Australia, there have been 5 workplace fatalities in Australia.

In 2018, there were 152 workers killed at work, an improvement from the previous year when 190 workers were killed on the job.

Of the 5 workers killed in 2019, 2 were from the construction industry, as compared to last year this time when only 1 construction worker had died on the job. The agriculture, fishing and forestry industry was responsible for 2 deaths this year as well, with the transport industry claiming one life.

For the construction industry, we haven’t had a very good start to the year however it’s not too late to make a change. There’s still time to turn things around and make safety the first priority, beginning with construction safety training.


Building Site Truck and Crane Rollover

WorkSafe ACT has announced a workplace accident involving a construction truck and crane.

The incident happened at a building site in Denman Prospect when a construction truck and crane rolled.

There were no injuries but WorkSafe has launched an investigation into what is considered a dangerous incident.

The truck, carrying a crane on the back, tipped over onto it’s side, possibly because the load was too heavy for the vehicle.

The NT’s High Workplace Fatality Rate Prompts Demands for Harsher Penalties

Following a review of the Northern Territory’s workplace health and safety practices, harsher penalties have been called for, to address the high rate of workplace deaths in the state.

In the report, the NT WorkSafe inspectors say their relationship with the coroner’s office has deteriorated and the skills of the work safety authority’s personnel needs to be improved.

The review also points out the need for NT WorkSafe to be perceived as being politically independent.

Under the current workplace health and safety laws in the NT, there have been no imprisonments. The independent review into workplace health and safety best practice in the Territory has now recommended the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws. Unions and lawyers have been calling for these laws for a long time.

Review author Tim Lyons states that these laws should carry the same maximum custodial sentence as manslaughter under the criminal code which is life imprisonment or a $10 million fine for a body corporate.

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Steel Rod Pierced Worker’s Skull on Construction Site


A construction worker from Central India has managed to survive a horrific workplace incident after being impaled in the skull and undergoing emergency surgery.

The 21 year tradie fell into a well at a worksite and an iron rod passed through his skull from the right temporal region of his brain to the left frontal region.

The man was rushed to hospital and underwent a 90 minute surgery.

The man is lucky to be alive but this incident is an example of the consequences of a lack of fall protection.


Two Construction Workers Lose Out on $2.2m Lotto Share

Two Sydney construction workers are kicking themselves after missing  out on a share of $2.2 million from a winning lotto ticket. Instead of buying in with their co-workers, the 2 chose to buy lunch instead while the other workers chipped in $10 for a ticket.

The 16 workers who work for Haines Brothers Earthmoving will each get $137,500 after their joint ticket won the jackpot in the Saturday lotto draw, splitting the $2.2 million equally.


Victoria – 60 Cranes Ordered to Stop Work After Fatal Incident


Following the fatal Box Hill incident in which a man in his 40s was killed when a container of wet concrete fell from a crane, 60 cranes were ordered to stop work while an audit is conducted.

Another man suffered life-threatening injuries during the incident and third suffered minor injuries.

A preliminary investigation by WorkSafe found that a malfunction of a key component had contributed to the incident.

The crane company that distributed the cranes have issued a cease work order for all cranes of the same make currently in use in Victoria until a safety audit has concluded.

WorkSafe had also brought in an independent expert to monitor the company’s crane audit to ensure it was done correctly.

The CFMEU has called for a safety review of crane operations in the state.

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Residents in Brisbane Sign petition for Later Construction Work

Brisbane residents want construction work to start later in the morning and have signed a petition in the hopes of being heard.

According to a report in the Brisbane Times, the petition was started by a resident in Woolloongabba who said that the 6:30am start time for construction work in the city is too early and should be pushed back.

In other parts of the country, like Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin construction work starts at 7am. In Sydney construction work in the suburbs only starts at 7:30am and 7am in the city.

The frustration of residents may be driven by the massive amount of development taking place in inner suburbs in Brisbane.

Residents say the noise is extreme including blasting of horns, dropping of materials from cranes, concrete cutting and vibrating noises etc. The petition says the noise affects residents sleep, concentration, mental and physical health.

Construction Company Amends Safety After Workers Death


The construction company involved in the 2014 workplace incident that claimed the life of Jorge Castillo-Riffo when he was crushed between a scissor lift and slab floor above, has amended its safety controls and now requires workers who use a scissor life to have a “spotter” if the lifts don’t have a security cage or a pressure plate to prevent a similar incident.

The 54 year old man was working alone at the time of the incident and suffered fatal brain injuries and died shortly afterwards.

State Coroner Mark Johns heard in evidence recently that the construction company now required a spotter to be used when workers were using a scissor lift if they didn’t have a security cage or a pressure plate to stop a similar incident from taking place.

The work Mr Castillo-Riffo was doing is considered high risk and if he had been using a spotter, he may still be alive today.

Another issue for the company was training or a lack thereof around scissor lift use. Some workers had been trained for as little as 20 minutes before they were allowed to use the device.

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