Operator Fined After Driver Killed in Quarry Accident

Following the tragic death of a dump truck driver in 2016, a quarry operator has been fined $230,000.

The driver was killed when the vehicle he was operating rolled on a stockpile.The man was in his sixties at the time.

The court heard that the vehicle flipped over the edge of a stockpile at the Plumpton quarry and slid down the other side.

The company was found guilty after it was revealed that the company contravened section 26 of the OHS Act by failing to ensure a safe workplace without risk to health and safety.

The quarry operator failed to complete a risk assessment and a Safe Work Method Statement for the work being carried out. The investigation also found the company failed to take the reasonable steps to eliminate or remove the risks including ensuring the perimeter of the stockpile was adequately walled. The operator failed to engage a qualified engineer to assess the stability of the stockpile.

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Apprentice Dies on Site in Victoria

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The safety of workers, particularly new and young workers should take precedence on a work site and the evidence of what could happen if it doesn’t was brought into the spotlight by an incident that happened at a Melbourne work site recently.

A 20 year old apprentice worker was killed while working inside an open ended tank at a Cranbourne West business. It is believed the man was overcome by fumes while working in the confined space.

WorkSafe Victoria is investigating the incident however this death brings the number of workplace fatalities for the year to 21.

Apprentice workers should be properly trained before being instructed to undertake high risk work such as work in confined spaces or solitary work and should be properly supervised.

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/10/vic-apprentice-dies-confined-space/#.W9RhYPYlE1l

NZ Health and Safety Complacency Rising

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Health and safety compliance is on the decline in New Zealand, according to the regulator in charge of workplace safety.

While the country has made strides in reducing the number of workplace deaths and injuries, there are fears that complacency may be creeping in.

WorkSafe NZ chief executive Nicole Rosie said the real challenge is enduring change which involves a change in culture.

Since WorkSafe was established in New Zealand in 2013 after the Pike River disaster, the number of workplace deaths have been declining but improvement seems to have slowed.

Read why New Zealanders may be becoming complacent about workplace safety at https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/better-business/106355421/complacency-rises-in-workplace-health-and-safety-and-were-all-to-blame

Sunshine Coast Employers Urged to Prioritise Safety

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Employers on the Sunshine Coast are being urged by WorkCover Queensland to do more to protect employees against injuries.

In July, a compliance audit found that 22% of 188 employers visited had been operating without the necessary workers’ compensation insurance.

Employers who don’t insure workers, according to WorkCover, are putting the health and safety of workers at risk and exposing their business to potentially significant financial penalties.

WorkCover said that while most employers were doing what’s right, there were many who still ignored their obligations.

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/sunshine-coast-employers-urged-protect-workers-injuries/#.W4rZ2bglE1l

ACT Government May Implement Licencing Exam for State Builders

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Mandatory licensing exams may be implemented by The ACT  Government for builders in the state across the A,B,C Classes when renewing.

The ACT introduced the entry test requirement in 2016 and currently it has a high failure rate for builders seeking a C Class licence. The ACT government provides a notice to builders to brush up on their skills and knowledge.

Minister for Regulatory Services Gordon Ramsay recently said builders need to take steps to lift their performance and skills to ensure they are delivering quality, compliant and safe buildings.

See more at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/06/licensing-exam-act-builders/#.W0MeJCAlE1l

Construction Industry is Busier than Ever in 2018

The construction industry has been busier than ever in 2018 with house building having grown at its fastest pace in 3 months in May. This created more work for tradespeople and their utes servicing the detached home sector.

For the 16th straight month, the construction industry has been growing and the Performance of Construction Index proves this, standing at 54 points last month. Although it was 1.4 points down from April, anything over 50 points is good news because it indicates expansion in the industry.

Housing construction has taken the lead over apartment construction while engineering construction also continued to expand.

House building expanded last month to 58.6 points, which was its highest level in 3 months.

Infrastructure projects being funded by government are also keeping tradespeople busy, according to statistics.

Find out more at https://www.afr.com/real-estate/plenty-of-work-for-tradies-and-their-utes-construction-grows-faster-in-may-20180606-h112l0

Electrical Safety Rules Revision in Effect

Following a number of tragic incidents in homes and buildings, the area of electrical safety has come under the spotlight.

In order to keep guidelines for construction of modern homes up to date and effective, we will see a number of changes and updates being introduced to the revised Electrical Wiring Standards of Australia (AS/NZS 3000) in the coming months.

One of the major changes in the rules for new homeowners, builders and electrical contractors, is the fitting of RCDs, or safety switches to all electrical circuits, including hardwired devices or appliances such as air-conditioning systems, electric cooker ovens, pool pumps and other hardwired units that previously were exempt.

Safety switches can help avoid potential electric shock or electrocution but the chance of an electrical fire is also minimised.

Find out more https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/new-homes/switched-on-to-new-electrical-safety-standards-ng-b88831265z

Construction Truck Ploughs over Wheelchair Bound Teen in Sydney

A construction truck has struck and killed a wheelchair bound teenager in Sydney’s upper north shore in Hornsby.

Community members were devastated and asked for more to be done to ensure safety on our roads.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the truck involved in the incident was transporting soil for the NorthConnex road construction project to Hornsby Quarry.

Concerns were raised over rocks falling from trucks in George Street, Hornsby in July, prior to the fatality.

RMS and NSW Police are investigating and have promised to address any safety issues as soon as they are identified.

Find out more http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/wheelchairbound-teen-killed-by-construction-truck-in-sydneys-north-shore/news-story/c65c48a652fb4e45b1dc3c559cda6691

Mature Worker Injury Claims Expected to Increase

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A new study by researchers at the University of Otago found that age plays a major role in the likelihood of workplace injuries.

Researchers investigated the incidence, nature and cause of work related injuries in older New Zealand workers and according to the study, workplace injuries increased with the age of workers.

They found that during the years 2009-2013 more than 1 in 5 workplace injury claims were by older workers between the ages of 55-79 years.

The highest rate of work injury claims from workers between 70-79, and these workers also represented the highest percentage of fatal injury among workers in the 55-79 year old category.

The researchers also found that male workers of all ages had higher rates of injury than females. Read more at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/11/work-related-injuries-among-older-workers-set-increase-study-says/#.Wiw2eje1vIV

Construction Activity Experiences Surprise Spike for 2 Straight Quarters

According to figures from economists, the value of construction work done in the September quarter rose by 33 per cent to 61.9 billion. The growth can be attributed mostly to engineering work which includes road and bridge construction and mining construction.

In comparison homes and other non-residential building construction fell by 0.4 per cent in the same quarter.

The growth is welcomed, given that a decline was expected, following a 9.8 per cent rise in the 3 months to June.

Some economists attributed the positive numbers to imports of LNG installations for projects in Western Australia.  Find out more at https://sourceable.net/surprise-spike-in-construction-activity/