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This Australian Invention Could Stop Buildings Collapsing during Earthquakes


Researchers at the Centre for Built Infrastructure Research at the University of Technology Sydney believe they may have discovered the solution to protecting buildings from earthquakes.

Led by associate professor Behzad Fatahi and supported by Ruoshi Xu, the team believe existing synthetic geotextiles used within building foundations may provide the protection buildings need against earthquakes.

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How Technology Will Change Construction in 2017

What technological developments can we expect to see within the construction industries in 2017?

Well according to a post on we can expect an uptake in construction spending across Australia which will impact the technology we see. We can expect innovative solutions and methodologies across a number of areas in this sector.

We can expect,

  1. significant advancement of BIM (Building Information Management) and adoption of model-based construction.
  2. Cloud-based design, driven by globalisation.
  3. Growing adoption of the connected site where equipment is connected.
  4. WIFI site-wide to increase connectivity.
  5. Continued advancements in positioning.

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Katherine Construction Site Blaze


A construction site in Katherine suffered considerable damage following an alleged arson.

Northern Territory police have called for information about the fire at the building site on Riverbank Drive recently.

The fire caused considerable damage to an excavator and bobcat and is believed to be have been caused by a male, seen in the area at the time.

The police asked for anyone with information to call them on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Incidents like this one are a reminder of the importance of security around a building site, not only for the safety of the public, but to prevent the losses incidents like this cause.


Over 900 Non-compliant Doors Removed from Perth Children’s Hospital

perth childrens hosp

A builder has installed more than 900 faulty door frames at the Perth’s Children Hospital.

The 935 door frames will have to be replaced at the cost of the builder, after being installed by a Chinese owned company.

The company also previously installed 450m of faulty water pipes which had to be replaced.

These mistakes have caused setbacks for hospitalwhich was scheduled to open in 2015 but is now expected to open before the end of the year.

John Holland, the builder in charge of the build was due to hand over the hospital in late 2015 but fell behind.

The  facility will replace the ageing Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

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Mud Used to Build Houses in The Future


The Smithsonian Institute celebrated its 40th anniversary as the World’s largest Museum and Research Centre and made 40 predictions for the next 4 decades.

One of the most interesting predictions made relating to construction was that sophisticated buildings will be made of mud.

The benefits of mud is that it is renewable and sustainable, including mud brick  pressed earth brick, rammed earth , cob, wattle and daub, dug out, earth render and earth bag. All these buildings share the common feature of being composed of raw, unfired earth.

This building material is renewable and sustainable, and the buildings themselves are durable. And these building techniques are not new. Early pyramids were made of earth as well as large sections of the Great Wall of China. In fact buildings made of mud can be found on all continents except Antartica.

In Australia, rammed earth building has become popular among award winning architects as well as with builders around Europe.

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CFMEU Wants All States to Review Cladding Products

aluminium cladding

The CFMEU says all states should conduct an urgent audit of aluminium cladding products after it came to light that cheap, imported, sub-standard aluminium cladding was behind the fire at the 21-storey apartment complex at Docklands in November 2014.

The product was found to be highly flammable, which caused the fire to spread rapidly through the building, raising fears that a similar incident may repeat itself if an urgent national audit isn’t conducted.

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Record Levels of Home Building Activity Boost Building Materials Prices

foreign-construction-workerFigures released by The Australian Bureau of Standards show that as housing construction activity remains high in most parts of the country, the high demand has also boosted the cost of building materials.

Consumers will feel the pinch particularly when purchasing products such as plaster, glass and timber and board products.

A number of trades are also in short supply due to the construction boom, as a report by quantity surveying outfit WT Partnerships suggests.

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