Construction Truck Ploughs over Wheelchair Bound Teen in Sydney

A construction truck has struck and killed a wheelchair bound teenager in Sydney’s upper north shore in Hornsby.

Community members were devastated and asked for more to be done to ensure safety on our roads.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the truck involved in the incident was transporting soil for the NorthConnex road construction project to Hornsby Quarry.

Concerns were raised over rocks falling from trucks in George Street, Hornsby in July, prior to the fatality.

RMS and NSW Police are investigating and have promised to address any safety issues as soon as they are identified.

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Company Receives $25k Fine for Live Power Incident During Demolition

A live power incident in 2015 has resulted in a $25,000 fine for a demolition company who were also ordered to pay costs of $5221.

The incident happened when an unlicenced worker was operating an excavator and made contact with live over-head power lines.

The worker immediately shut down the machine when he saw the blue flash and heard the loud bang, thankfully he was not injured.

The company had not prepared a Safe Work Method Statement for the demolition and failed to ensure the work was performed in accordance with the statement, they also failed to obtain a permit for the work. Find out more

Free Safe Work Webinar for Small Businesses

workcover nsw

Small business operators who aren’t sure how to establish and maintain a safe work environment will be getting some free help from WorkCover NSW with an interactive webinar on Tuesday, September 1st.

The free interactive webinar which will be held from 3pm-4pm, will provide assistance to operators on how to introduce safety to the workplace.

In addition to the free advice, participants in the webinar will be eligible for a small business rebate of up to $500. Find out more.

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Choosing the Right Spill Kits for Your Site

spill kit

I recently came across this useful post about how to buy the right spill kits for your site. In addition to being inconvenient and costly, spills can present a safety risk, that is why it is crucial to have a plan in place in case of a spill.

It is also important to have an appropriate spill kit ready, in case a spill does occur.

The size of the kit you choose will depend on the size of the largest potential spill.

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