Worker Killed in Queensland Bulldozer Incident

One Queensland worker who was involved in a workplace accident on New Year’s Eve didn’t see 2019, he died after a dozer he was operating rolled from an elevated position.

The 49 year old man died at the Saraji open cut coal mine near Moranbah. The incident is being investigated by the Queensland Mines Inspectorate.

The company will also conduct an internal investigation and committed to sharing their findings in a transparent manner.

There were 190 workers killed on Australian worksites in 2018.

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Worker Killed in Accident Involving Bulldozer

We have been reminded about the risks involved with heavy equipment and machinery use on work sites by a fatal incident in Queensland.

A bulldozer accident in the far north Queensland has claimed the life of a man. The tragedy happened recently in Julatten when the bulldozer rolled down a hill at least 100m.

The man suffered serious injuries as a result and died on the scene shortly after.

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