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Saying Goodbye to Boring Buildings with 3D Concrete Printing

Construction is one the largest industries in the world and one of the top 4 in Australia however it is hindered by the high cost. Due to the manual nature of construction, poor productivity can also be a factor limiting

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Serious Safety Incident Leads to WorkSafe ACT Investigation

A serious safety incident has happened at a high rise residential construction site in Braddon. WorkSafe ACT is investigating the incident. A safety inspector visited the site following a report that prefabricated concrete panels collapsed into a lift shaft. Reports

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Townsville Construction Incident Claims Worker’s Life

A man was crushed to death on a north Queensland site recently after a concrete pylon fell. The man was killed instantly when the pylon, which weighed an estimated 17 tonnes, fell on him at the Townsville concrete works. The

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Unions Planned Strikes against Contractor Banned

The Fair Work Building Commission has successfully brought an injunction against the CFMEU in Federal Court, temporarily banning a planned month long spate of strikes outside sites run by a major Brisbane builder. The watchdog alleges several CFMEU officials targeted

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The Evolution of Pavement Installation with Flexi-concrete

A new form of flexi-concrete has been developed by researchers from Singapore which promises to provide a more durable, slip resistant and speedy alternative to traditional pavement installation. Construction times could be cut by as much as half with a

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Building Blocks from Mushrooms

These “toadstools” as they are called in Canada may be the future of building materials, having been made of oyster mushroom spores and sawdust. The bricks were developed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. The group have

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US Researchers Make Breakthrough in Concrete Production

An article I read on Sourceable.net  recently detailed a new, revolutionary invention that could significantly reduce carbon emissions from power plants. The cross-disciplinary team from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) have discovered a way to capture the carbon dioxide

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Are we Using Insulating Concrete Forms Enough?

We’ve already spoken about the benefits of timber construction and prefabricated construction, improving construction productivity and effiency but another durable form of construction uses Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). An article on Sourceable.net asked the question, are insulating concrete forms underused in

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Man Killed by Tank Collapse

Roof work can be extremely risky, especially when done without the necessary controls in place. A man was recently killed when he fell through a roof which he was trying to demolish a concrete water tank. The man had been

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Australia Could Lead the Way in Strong, Durable Concrete

According to a post on Sourceable.net Australia could become a pioneer for the creation of durable and long lasting concrete if proposed changes for the criteria for concrete durabililty come to pass. It would mean Australia has the best standards for

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