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Tens of Thousands of Jobs Created by Infrastructure Projects in WA

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Tens of thousands of jobs have apparently been created by the infrastructure projects underway in WA, according to Treasurer Mike Nahan.

Dr Nahan said WA’s unemployment rate had falled from 6.3 per cent in December to 5.9 per cent in January,  this was despite a national employment rate of 6.0 per cent, up from 5.8 per cent in the previous month.


The “more competitive” exchange rate also had something to do with the rise in employment in the state, as did lower oil prices, softer rents and availability of labour. The greatest impact however was from a multi-billion dollar infrastructure spend which Dr Nahan said had created tens of thousands of construction and supply jobs in the state.

Let’s hope the negative impact of the losses in the mining sector have come to an end with most of the workers who lost their jobs being assimilated into the construction sector in the state.

Workplace Culture more Important to Employees than Money


According to a study conducted by career site Glassdoor, workplace culture and values are the most important things in the workplace influencing worker happiness, not money as you would think.

While employers were more satisfied with a higher salary, factors such as career opportunities, senior leadership and work-life balance were more important to them. Compensation and benefits featured 4th on the list of importance.

So getting a higher salary won’t necessarily make you more happy. Visit Business Insider for more.

Forum Gives Construction Employers Useful Mental Health Tools

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WorkCover Queensland’s mental health forum was recently held in Brisbane and mining and construction employers benefited from access to a range of tools, resources and experience.

The forum was entitled Working together to improve mental health. 

Mates in Construction and Beyond Blue provided attendees with advice on managing the mental health of mining and construction workers, who have been identified as a particularly at-risk sector of the workforce.

Missed the forum? Read more here.

Which Jobs Make You Drink?

Alcohol drinking

According to data from the US Government miners and construction workers are more likely than people in other jobs to drink and take drugs.

The survey undertaken recently showed that construction workers in The US showed abnormally high levels of alcohol consumption, regardless of their age or gender.

Here in Australia, the male dominated nature of construction means that workers drink often and a lot. Many employers are implementing alcohol and drug programs.

Read more about the survey here.


Death on a Desalination Construction Site

An incident in 2010 led to the death of a 35 year old worker on a construction site in Adelaide. The incident occurred when a steel beam being lifted by a crane fell and hit the worker, killing him. The incident sparked outrage as just prior to the incident workers had raised concerns about the sites safety, however nothing was done until it was too late.

While the company has been charged, family and friends of the deceased worker are unhappy that other players in the construction site were not prosecuted such as the desalination sites bosses.

This post found on has more:



Charges have been laid with regard to the death of a worker who died at the construction site of the Adelaide Desalination Plant in 2010.

 In a statement, SafeWork SA has announced that it has laid charges against Ferro Con (SA) Pty Ltd and its responsible officer under the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act 1986.

 It said that it has investigated the circumstances surrounding the incident and found breaches relating to section 19(1), section 61(3) and 61(4) of the Act.

 The charges relate to an incident on July 16 in 2010 when 35 year old Brett Fritsch died after being hit by a steel beam which fell as it was being lifted by a crane.

 Prior to the incident, concerns had been raised about safety on the site – particularly with regard to scheduling and the speed of work.

 But there has been anger on the part of friends and family and some interest groups that only Ferro, who many see as the ‘smallest player’ in the event, has been charged.

According to media reports, supporters of the family believe a lengthy investigation allowed the desalination plant bosses who should have controlled safety at the plant to avoid prosecution over the incident.

 The two year statute of limitations for bringing criminal action with regard to the event expired yesterday, meaning that no more charges can be laid.

 In response to incident, the Australian Greens have renewed calls for introduction of industrial manslaughter laws, saying that maximum fines of only $100,000 for an individual and $300,000 for a body corporate for a first time offence are inadequate.

 Greens Industrial Spokesperson and Chair of the Select Committee into the Desalination Project, Tammy Franks currently has an amendment before the South Australian Parliament to introduce industrial manslaughter laws carrying a maximum length of imprisonment of up to 20 years.

 Ferro, a crane contractor which was part of a larger company, closed its operations in May.

 The case will be heard in the Industrial Magistrates Court on a date to be set

It seems like not a month goes by when we don’t hear of a worker being crushed or hit by a crane or its load. The movement of large loads is essential in the construction industry, so why is it that crane safety is not given more attention?

It is crucial that workers involved in crane activities are well trained and safety orientated to avoid any tragedies such as the one that claimed Brett Fritsch’s life.

A crane is a powerful tool used for shifting heavy loads to and from a vehicle. Many fatalities have occurred where workers were crushed by cranes, either when the load shifts unexpectedly or a malfunction occurs.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that they provide a safe work environment, safe systems of work and plant and substances are in a safe condition. Employers must ensure that a hazard identification and risk assessment is carried out and that safe systems of work are implemented as control measures for all operations. They must also ensure that all crane operators are qualified and certified to operate the cranes.  Operators must also be trained in the safe operation procedure for the crane being used.

Employers have a responsibility to clear demarcate or condone off areas where cranes are being used so that workers not needed for the task do not enter the zone, this is a task that employers often overlook.

Only time will tell what the outcome of this case will be, but one can only hope that other employers learn from the poor example set by Ferro and the Desalination Plants bosses, are cautious not to repeat their mistakes.

Posted by Steven Asnicar


White Card Online – Presents Scaffolding – Origins and Use

oh&s white card – Scaffolding is an interesting invention, and it has been used for decades. There are different kinds of scaffolding in different countries. They use bamboo as scaffolding in some Asian countries, and it is very dangerous. This danger is not something that you can expect in Australia as the white card online process ensures your safety when working on a construction site. This means that everyone on the site knows how to operate and work safely, and knows how to use scaffolding safely.

oh&s white cardIn The Ancient World – Before White Card Online!

Sadly, the White Card has not been around for ever! So safety on construction sites was not present in the ancient times, when scaffolding was first used. The first recorded scaffolding was in ancient Greece (the early 5th century). It was also used in Egypt, Nubia, and China around that time. This genius invention allows the construction of large and several story buildings. At this point in time, people couldn’t simply complete safety training in a fast online process!White Card Online

oh&s white cardIn the Modern Day

The modern day construction site is a lot safer than an older construction site, as you can see simply by looking at some historical photographs. The famous picture of construction workers eating their lunch on a piece of garter at the site of the new york empire state building, even shows that there are massive differences in safety standards between then and now. Nowadays, scaffolding must be approved and tested before being used. It is essentially a light construct that is used to gain access to higher stories in building site projects, so it can be very dangerous and requires a lot of safety regulation so that nobody is injured or hurt. When you look at it, you realize that it is just lightweight steel, that has revolutionized the building process.

oh&s white card Grab Your White Card Online Today!

oh&s white card – The White Card represents the safety training you have undertaken to allow you to work on a construction site. This kind of White Card Online training means that you can look out for your mates and yourself when on the construction site, to make dangerous construction safer.


Why Should I Do The White Card Course Online? And Will I Need It For Engineering?

You may or may not be asking yourself if you should be doing the white card course online or not. I know there are pros and cons for each side, whether it be doing it online or doing it in person during a working day. But you need to make up your mind in the end. Countless people believe that the white card process is better online, and some people still believe that they need to hear the course in person to fully comprehend it all. But why do you need to go somewhere in person to have that happen? What a lot of people don’t realize is that the white card online course reads out the different chapters to you, with a recorded voice much like it would be done in real life – so the feeling is still just as personal!

Whats The Real Differences Between White Card Online/In Person?

The white card online course has a few benefits in my books, and these are as follows. I don’t like having to take a day off my work just to go somewhere and listen to the whole course at once. Not only does this interrupt my schedule but it also makes it harder for me to take in all the information at once. I would feel much more confident in a construction work environment if I had heard the information over time and was able to take it in slowly. This was the same when I did the RSA Course, in person. I didn’t feel that it was easy to take in all the safety information at once – it gave me a headache! So with the white card online course you can just complete the course in different stages rather than bulking it together. But you can also bulk it all together if you really feel like you just want to get it out of the way.

White Card

What Can I Do With This White Card Certificate Then?

There are a whole range of things that you can do with the white card but it’s primary purpose is to allow you to step onto the construction site safely. This is something that even engineers need to be able to do on any routine visit to the construction site. But Engineering is an interesting field within the construction industry, as it focuses on the actual structure that is being made, rather than the means that the structure is made by – but structural engineers more than often still need their white card online! This is because when you are working as an engineer, you might find that you would like to supervise the construction on the building you have helped make structurally sound. And more than often this is a necessity on the site, as the engineer will need to help out with the placement of larger objects, and will need to make sure the building will not fall over in any circumstances! But you might think that this is the kind of field that suits you – but this is the kind of field that requires years of study at university in structural engineering, and is a very complicated and difficult trade. But rest assured – if it is what you are into then you should pursue it!

What Would A Structural Engineer Do? White Card Online

The structural engineers job, as previously mentioned, is to receive plans from an architect and then investigate how they can make those plans a reality. Essentially, they take a concept for a building and they make it realistic, by planning how it will be constructed, what materials will be used, and they ensure that the building is safe and will not falter under any pressure! If you would like to see what engineers do in practice, then you should also check out this interesting documentary below on how they constructed the ski resort in Dubai!

This kind of engineering is more than tough, and often requires experts, but you can see that the work would be interesting and fun, while also being challenging. You do need to be very mathematically minded though, to be able to design and implement building schemes.

White Card Online

Grab Your White Card Online Today!

To be able to participate in this world of construction and planning, you need to first get online and complete the white card online course. This will allow you to step onto the construction site anywhere in Australia (provided you have a job working on it!). This is necessary for almost every trade, and as such, you should get it as fast as possible. The online course is straightforward and fast, giving you the best and most accurate information possible!


Choosing Construction and What You Will Be Using – White Card Online

The white card construction course online teaches you several things to do with construction, and while it teaches you how to be safe on the site, you also need to be able to enjoy your job. This means that you have to like construction, and as such you must think about whether or not you would really like to get into the construction industry. There are several things about construction that you might find appealing, and the first of which is that it is manual labor with your mates, that also requires a fair bit of planning and creativity. There are also several opportunities within the industry, such as promotions and bonuses that you might want to consider, when considering the industry.

What Kind Of Life Will I Expect? White Card Online Teaches

A construction worker lives a pretty good life, lets be honest. And they often progress through the ranks to a more highly paid position, and essentially they really do have a great life. The work is challenging and the mates you will gain become endless, but this only really can happen if the construction industry is for you. You need to be expecting a hard days work all the time, and you have to be able to think on the job, while always exercising safety and using your common sense. This is something that the white card online course teaches, you need to be on the ball all the time as a lapse of judgement could result in the safety of a co-worker being compromised. When you are working with machinery and heavy equipment at heights, this can be very dangerous. But not only this, you need to be on the ball when constructing so that the building you make is safe and structurally sound.

You might want to check out this video below, on the lifestyle of an American Iron Worker. It’s a much harder one! But you do get used to it (apparently)

The Essential Tools For This Lifestyle

If you think that the construction industry is best suited to you, then you will want to get familiar with the primary equipment that you will be using. This includes a lot of pieces of machinery and construction tools, but one fundamental aspect of construction is the scaffolding necessity. But apparently American iron workers have no such need for scaffolding as seen in the video above! So let’s take a look at some of the origins and applications of scaffolding.

I know that this does not exactly sound like a largely interesting topic, as you probably see scaffolding as a necessity – something white card online makes you use for your own safety. But scaffolding is actually an interesting invention, and it has been used for decades. There are even different kinds of scaffolding based on different countries. You might already know that they use bamboo as scaffolding in some Asian countries, and it is very dangerous. This danger is not something that you can expect in Australia as the white card online process ensures your safety when working on a construction site. This means that everyone on the site knows how to operate and work safely, and knows how to use scaffolding safely.

In The Ancient World – Before White Card Online!

Sadly, White Card Online has not been around for ever! So safety on construction sites has not been present in the ancient times, when scaffolding was first used. The first recorded scaffolding was in ancient Greece (the early 5th century). It was also seen to be used in Egypt, Nubia, and China around that time. This genius invention allows the construction of large and several story buildings.At this point in time, people couldn’t simply complete safety training in a fast online process!