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Suicide Concerns in the Construction Industry highlighted by Recent Tragedy

People from all walks of life experience stress at some time in their lives but statistics show that construction workers in particular experience severe stress and have a higher rate of suicide than many other workers from different industries do.

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Slow-down in Construction – HIA

The end of the mining investment boom is continuing to hit the industry hard, according to the Australian Industry Group. The latest HIA Performance of Construction Index indicates that the industry is in contraction, with engineering construction the worst performer. Residential

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Tips to Reduce Musculoskeletal Injuries

With August being declared Tradies National Health Month by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) this video has been released to help workers reduce musculoskeletal injuries. Back and neck pain and ankle sprains are among the most common workplace injuries and APA is

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Women Apprehensive about Male Dominated Industries

According to a recent international survey of about 1000 women, most women stay away from traditionally male dominated industries such as construction  because of  typically “macho behaviour” and male colleagues that are “patronising”. These 2 reasons were even more motivation

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Get Prepared for Hearing Awareness Week 2015

In South Australia a number of workers suffer noise induced hearing loss every year which is why Hearing Awareness Week is being held from 23-29 August 2015. Why it matters! In addition to affecting the hearing of workers, noise can

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Construction Video Shows Importance of Fire Response on Work Sites

Watch as a fire burns on a construction site, allegedly due to arson. Although no one seems to have been injured, probably because this is taking place at night, this incident highlights the need to develop an emergency response procedure

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Scaffolding Safety Update

Can you spot the problem here? Can you imagine putting your life at risk by climbing this scaffold? Not only are workers lives placed at risk, but so are the public. We can never underestimate the importance of complying with

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Arson Delays Construction at Tanna road construction site

A fire that delayed construction at Vanuatu road construction site has been blamed on arson. Work on the road building project was delayed after a construction lorry was set on fire at the site in Tanna. Assistant Secretary General for

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Video Highlights Common Hazards in Construction

Remember the construction industry is one of the most high risk and every site has its own hazards and risks. General construction safety training also  known as The White Card course is important because it teaches workers about the most

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Driver’s Van Crashes into Construction Pit

An electrician in Sydney is lucky to be alive after losing control of his van at a roundabout and plunging into a construction pit (pictured above). The man was driving in the rain which may have been the cause of

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