Thousands Of Construction Workers Required for $3.6b Project


A $3.6 billion project planned nearby The Sunshine Coast has promised to create more than 2000 jobs.

The search for the 2000 workers has begun at the same time as the first day of construction on the Queen’s Wharf development in Brisbane.

The project will involve work on the diaphragm wall, a concrete wall 172 metres in length which will provide a watertight underground barrier between the planned wharf and the Brisbane River.

Over the next 15 months workers are expected to excavate more than 450,000 cubic metres of material for the 5 level basement to accommodate thousands of parked cars.

Recruitment has started and hundreds more construction workers are needed to complete the project.

Tradespeople, suppliers, sub-contractors and interested parties can register their interest on


Construction Jobs Boost

The construction industry is on a hiring spree due to the increased activity in the sector.

The Australian Industry Group’s (Ai Group) Performance of Construction Index (PCI) rose 1.5 points to 54.3 in January, indicating that the industry is expanding and at a rapid rate.

Due to high levels of activity across all construction sectors, including apartment construction, employment in the sector is also at an all time high.

Hiring in the sector has increased every month over the past 9 months and as construction continues to grow, hiring in the sector shows no signs of slowing.
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Construction Employment Up 9% in NSW

According to statistics, over 383,300 more people have been employed in Australia over the past year, most of them full time.

In the past month, 61,600 people were employed.

The huge jump in employment is likely to come from 2 industries mainly, the healthcare and social assistance and construction sectors.

In construction 104,400 jobs were added and as Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas pointed out, it’s becoming difficult to find the right construction workers.

With opportunities abounding in the construction sector, anyone interested in entering a career in this industry will need to hold a White Card first. This general construction induction card proves that you have completed general construction safety training and can work safely on a building site.


Fraser Coast Gets New Retirement Home and 120 Construction Jobs

A new retirement home is being built on the Gold Coast which will also create 120 construction jobs during the 2 stage project.

The Ozcare project will create 120 jobs in addition the hundreds of jobs already created during the aged care facility at Kawungan.

An additional retirement village will be developed over five stages starting later this year.


Civil Construction Development Boosts Sunshine Coast Jobs

The new Maroochydore CBD site is underway and is expected to create more than 150 jobs as part of the $25 million work of civil construction.

The first stage of civil works on the new city centre have begun and are expected to take at least a year to complete.

The first stage of construction includes roads, footpaths, cycleways, lighting, parks and landscaping, together with the installation of underground services and technology.

The CBD will also include an automated waste collection system which will involve the installation of about 1.7km of garbage collection pipes, laid underground.

To be eligible to work on this construction project or any other in Australia, every worker must be in  possession of a valid white card after completing general construction safety training, which can be undertaken quickly and conveniently online.


Best Paying Jobs and Industries in Australia Revealed

SEEK used job advertisements to determine the best-paying jobs and industries in Australia and the construction industry has made the top 5 list.

All of the industries on the top 5 list pay an average annual salary over $100,000.

The highest paying industry is the Mining, Resources and Energy industry with an average salary of $115.005 per annum.

The Construction industry is number 3 on the list, with an average salary of $106,693.

Also making the list is Consulting and Strategy, Engineering and Information and Communication Technology.


Construction Hiring on the Rise

electrical power lines

If the last 3 months are anything to go by, construction activity and subsequently construction hiring is booming. In the last 3 months of 2015 there were more construction workers hired than any other time since 2006, according to an article on

As home building activity grew at the end of last year, this gave a boost to employment in the sector. The Department of Labor added that December capped the strongest 3 month period for job gains in construction since 2006, with employers adding 45,000 workers to the sector.

Economists have predicted commercial construction is also likely to increase which will result in even higher hiring rates as this type of construction can be more labor intensive.


250 New Construction Jobs created by Windfarm Project


According to the latest reports, The Hornsdale Wind Farm construction in South Australia is imminent and once construction begins, it is expected to create around 250 jobs.

Work is expected to start within the next few months with Catcon having been confirmed for civil construction works and CPP for electrical works, according to Neoen Australia Managing Director Franck Woitiez in an article on Geelong Advertiser.

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Workplace Culture more Important to Employees than Money


According to a study conducted by career site Glassdoor, workplace culture and values are the most important things in the workplace influencing worker happiness, not money as you would think.

While employers were more satisfied with a higher salary, factors such as career opportunities, senior leadership and work-life balance were more important to them. Compensation and benefits featured 4th on the list of importance.

So getting a higher salary won’t necessarily make you more happy. Visit Business Insider for more.