Revolutionary New Construction material made from Unlikely Waste


Researchers at a South African university have developed a way to make building materials using something we literally flush down the toilet every day.

Urine is the key ingredient in the construction of eco-friendly building materials, human urine that is.

The bio-bricks may be the sustainable alternative to the clay and concrete bricks that currently dominate the building landscape.

The technique used in the prototypes involved “growing” the bricks from urine, similarly to how seashells are naturally formed.The bricks take six or eight days to form.

The invention comes from 2 students and a lecturer at the University of Cape Town.


Victoria’s Non-Compliant Cladding the Topic of Taskforce

The Victorian Government plans to establish a taskforce of experts to investigate the extent of non-compliant cladding on buildings in the state.

The recent Grenfell Tower Fire in London has highlighted the issue of non-compliant cladding contributing to the rapid spread of fires,  described by state government as  a “critical public safety issue”.

The Taskforce’s co-chair, former Premier and architect Ted Baillieu said agencies, stakeholders and all citizens need to work together to ensure cladding is compliant with the country’s strict regulations and buildings are safe.

One of the aims of the taskforce will be to ensure resident, owners’ corporations and building managers are educated on the issue.



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3D Printed Concrete Panels – Latest in Construction Technology

These days just about anything can be 3D printed including building materials and in fact 3D printed building products are more affordable and light weight. It also cuts down on the volume of concrete needed.

Watch this machine 3D Print a concrete beam for construction in a jiffy.


Industry Leaders Concerned about the Risk of Imported Construction Materials


Construction industry leaders have warned that sub-standard, imported building materials plaguing the Australian construction landscape are putting lives at risk.

The concern over non-compliant building materials has reached its pinnacle with industry leaders expressing their concern.

Experts have also called for signing off on new buildings to be “better regulated”.