Why Should I Complete The White Card Course Online

There are many reasons why completing the white card course online is better than in person. To name a few, the online course gives you the option of completing each section at different times, rather than having to take an entire day to cram the information into one session. In addition, the online course gives good clear directions, that are read out for each section.  Don’t worry, if you don’t succeed at first, you can just re-take the test!

Construction Induction Card

This white card course allows you to exercise safety on the construction site, and as such you are allowed on construction sites around Australia.


30 Stories in 15 Days

Yes, it is possible. There has been occurrences of fast building projects but I’m sure that this has to be one of the fastest . Check out the video below to see for yourself!

Remember that before you can work on a construction site you first need to complete the white card online process, as it teaches you safety on the site and allows you to get your construction induction card


Construction Has It’s Appreciation!

The White Card Online course will teach you everything about construction, and how to do it efficiently and safely – but sometimes it’s easy to get the feeling that the work you put in is not appreciated. The video below is appreciation of work done well and done correctly so don’t think that what you are doing is going un-noticed!

The course that is offered is a straightforward one that teaches you exactly what you need to know. By taking this course you will be essentially setting yourself up to work correctly, and work on any site. This means you might even be a recipient of some of these awards!