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When The Weather Requires You to Down Tools

An interesting post on Abc.net.au highlights the dilemma facing all  tradies working on construction sites outdoors, when are the weather conditions enough to down tools? As tradepeople interviewed point out, deciding when to stop work due to the weather can

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Queensland WHS Authority Targets Vehicle Loading Cranes

A safety blitz that will last 2 years has begun in Queensland following a number of incidents involving vehicle loading cranes. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recently announced the blitz which would address the high number of incidents that occurred

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Stonemasons Suffering Because of lack of WHS Adherence

Stonemasons are suffering from silicosis and associated diseases because of a lack of adherence to workplace health and safety laws. Tradie Cameron Harper is one of those suffering from silicosis because he didn’t realise how serious the risks were of

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The ACT Government introduces New Work Health and Safety Legislation

New work health and safety legislation introduced in the Legislative Assembly which will be debated over the coming months, will require more worker training and consultation on construction sites over $5million in the ACT. The Work Health and Safety Amendment

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Construction Industry Get Ready for Year Long Safety Blitz

A year long safety blitz for the construction industry in NSW has begun and construction businesses who put their workers at risk are the target. According to SafeWork NSW, the number of falls from heights over the past five years

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CFMEU Wants Independent Work Safety Commission

Construction union boss, Dean Hall has called on the ACT to instate an independent work safety commissioner, joining with dozens of trades workers and union officials to march of the ACT Legislative Assembly, calling for action in workplace safety laws

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New Law to Prevent Construction Deaths

New laws have been proposed to parliament by the Palaszcuzuk Government  that will increase powers of the state’s regulator to take action if there is a threat to the safety of workers on construction sites. The laws come as a

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WorkSafe WA Inspection Focuses on Construction Safety

WorkSafe WA is conducting an inspection program over the course of the week focussing on construction sites in Perth’s CBD. WorkSafe warned that it will be checking safety standards at construction sites in the area and the surrounding suburbs. While

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Mesothelioma Deaths Increasing but Number of New Cases being Diagnosed Decreases

The number of people dying from asbestos related Mesothelioma has increased, according to statistics from Safe Work Australia. Sadly many people were exposed in the past due to the widespread use of asbestos in housing materials. The good news is

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WorkCover NSW Embarks on Cross Border Inspection Campaign

Safety inspectors are going to be visiting construction sites on both sides of the border to ensure that workers are operating in a safe environment. There has been a spate of workers compensation claims for the Wondonga region which has

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