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Biggest Heavy Equipment Machinery At Work

The construction of roads has been made a lot easier and fast with the help of the latest technology. In this video you can watch some of the best road construction machines in action.

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How Technology Will Change Construction in 2017

What technological developments can we expect to see within the construction industries in 2017? Well according to a post on Spatialsource.com.au we can expect an uptake in construction spending across Australia which will impact the technology we see. We can

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Japan Developing Construction Machines to Build in Space

The Japanese are always inventing something and this time their creation is meant to help with building habitats for humans on Mars and the moon. According to reports The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency together with construction company Kajima is developing

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Construction Technology Summit Planned for This Week

The First Digital Industry Event will be taking place in Melbourne this week and will connect construction leaders and technology innovators. The event was organised by Aconex Limited (ASX:ACX) and is the first of its kind. The summit is taking

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Robots to Change Building Industry Forever

  According to BIG partner Kai-Uwe Bergmann, robots will completely change the face of the building industry over the next 50 years. He was speaking at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore recently when he spoke about how robotics would influence

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Giant Tunnelling Machines Building London Crossrail

Crossrail is a massive multi-billion pound project going on in London to expand the country’s underground railway system. This video shows the huge scale of construction and the enormous drilling machines needed to build the tunnels that the trains will

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Construction Technology Update: Pollution Extracting Bricks

Technology in construction is advancing at such a fast pace that we can barely keep up. The latest development is a brick that could alleviate a huge problem in every city around the world. The problem – pollution, the solution

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New Construction Technologies Both a Blessing and a Curse

While it’s easy to become fascinated by the new technologies in the construction industry with something new and amazing hitting the market almost every day, the CEDA recently stated in a report  that due to these advancements approximately 40 per

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Wearable Technology the Latest Workplace Trend

Workers in Sweden are opting for a system that involves implantation of chip into their skin. The NFC (near-field communication) chip allows workers to swipe into the office, set the alarm system, register loyalty points at nearby retailers and enter the gym. The system

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Sculpt Wood and Stone by Hand with New Glove

Improve speed and efficiency of carving stone and wood with a new development called the Happaratus glove. A Royal College of Art graduate Morten Grønning recently adapted an electric kitchen knife to make a prototype glove for carving hard materials such as wood

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