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This is How Construction Wood is Made

Construction wood is such an integral part of the construction process but have you ever wondered how it makes it’s way from tree to our work sites? Let’s find out in this ‘How its Made’ video.

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Watch a Building Go From Foundation Phase to Completion

A construction time-lapse camera captured this massive complex being built, compacting months of construction in a minutes. Let’s see how it takes shape.

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Deadly NY Construction Accident

A deadly construction accident in New York near Central Park is an example of the high risk nature of the industry and how freak accidents can occur when even one safety standard is neglected. This particular incident happened when a

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Construction Workers Daring Exploits

Watch as this daredevil construction worker in Kuala Lumpur works at the top of a multi-storey skyscraper without any safety equipment. The video was filmed by a co-worker of the man on his mobile phone, even his co-worker can be

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Watch Construction Time-lapse of Big Shopping Mall

Watching this construction time-lapse video of a shopping mall going up is like watching an orchestra, in perfect harmony with all the vehicles, machinery and workers operating on site in seeming unison. And the end result is just as impressive.

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Cliff Gives Way Causing Workers to Flee

Watch as construction workers in India flee from a falling cliff face. Reports suggest the  massive landslide was caused by heavy rains in the Himachal Pradesh region of India. It has also been suggested that improper excavation methods may have

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Campbelltown Hospital Construction Timelapse

More than $300 million has been poured into the construction of the new multi-level building at Campbelltown Hospital in the Macarthur Region of NSW. Construction has come far enough along that we now watch the building rise from the ground

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Video Shows Massive Stadium Construction

Video footage spanning 32 months shows the Atlanta, Georgia MB Stadium being built. Once complete the stadium will serve as the home stadium of Atlanta Falcons Football team and Atlanta United FC of Major League Soccer. Watch the video to

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Funny Work and Construction Fails

We’re only a month into the new year but we’ve witnessed some epic construction fails. Here’s some more. These fails will leave you wondering how could this have happened?  

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Here’s how far Apple’s Spaceship Construction Has Come

Apple’s Spaceship campus has been under planning and construction for years now. After being announced by Steve Jobs in 2006, the construction finally begun in 2014. In this new video filmed by a drone, we see the progress made on

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