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Industry Calls for Safety Review After Sydney Scaffolding Death

The construction industry has called for a safety review after the scaffolding death of 18 year old Christopher Cassaniti who was crushed when a 15m high scaffolding collapsed. The tragedy prompted urgent calls for a safety review of the industry.

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Man Falls Through Skylight Sheeting

This year seems to be fraught with workplace health and safety incidents and particularly falls from heights. The latest one involved a 45 year old man who had to be transported to hospital after falling through a roof at Pennant

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Sydney Electric Shock Fatality

Working with or near powerlines is a high risk activity and the proper precautions need to be followed in order to avoid incidents like the one that happened in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. A man died in hospital after being

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Melbourne Construction Worker Has Leg Amputated After Workplace Accident

A horrific construction accident in Melbourne’s west has resulted in the amputation of one man’s foot. The 40 year old construction worker was injured in the workplace incident at a site in West Melbourne recently. He was rushed to Royal

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New Government Inquiry Compared Tiredness to being Drunk

A federal investigation into sleep health in the workplace found that tired workers are as impaired as drunk drivers. This is a particularly important revelation for high risk industries such as construction where tired workers, as impaired as being drunk,

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Worker Pleads Not Guilty after Actions Lead to Co-worker’s Death

A court has heard that as a worker on a Queensland construction site lay injured, his co-worker and alleged killer Neil Edward Norris was beginning a cover-up. The injured worker Peter Tullett died after he was hit in the head

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Plumber Stable After Construction Fall

The 26 year old plumber who fell into a trench at a Pinjarra construction site is now in a stable condition in hospital. The man was working in the Pinjarra Industrial Estate when he fell off a ladder and into

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Engineering Controls And Education Needed To Make Sure Workers Stay Safe From Silica

Dust particles known as silica are a major concern to the construction and stonemason industries and cause serious health problems, including the fatal lung disease Silicosis. Engineering controls and education are necessary to ensure workers health and safety. Workplace exposure

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Deadly Lung Disease- Silicosis Affecting Tradies Around Australia

Silicosis is the deadly lung disease affecting tradewokers around Australia and the problem is worse than we thought. A recent article on 9News.com.au highlighted the story of one tradie who is suffering from the disease and has to use an

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Man Injured in Truck Rollover on Sydney Construction Site

A man’s been rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital after sustaining injuries in a truck rollover at a construction site on the Pacific Highway. It is believed the man was trapped under a rolled truck at the construction site on

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