Construction Contractor Dies at Upgrade Project Site

A construction contractor died at the Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Western Australia where an upgrade project is underway.

While the full details of the incident are not yet known, it is believed the man was trapped under a beam.

WorkSafe was on site as they investigated the incident, police were also on the scene and will prepare a report for the coroner.

The project involves the construction of 8 concrete tanks with the facility set to be completed next year.

The CFMEU said this incident proves once again that “rules around workplace safety need to change”.

One of the reasons why The White Card has been mandated for all construction workers across Australia is because of this high risk nature of the industry. Even workers on renovation and upgrade projects need to be adequately trained.

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Advice from Queensland Building and Construction


The QBCC is giving contractors some advice when it comes to problematic building sites.

Building Inspectors have been noticing problems with steel screw piers prompting the QBCC to post some advice on its website.

On their website, the QBCC said screw piers (also known as screw piles) can be used as a piling and anchoring system to support slabs in questionable soil types when foundations are being built but they need to be used correctly and in accordance to engineering requirements.

Click here to read the QBCC’s advice.