Victoria – 60 Cranes Ordered to Stop Work After Fatal Incident


Following the fatal Box Hill incident in which a man in his 40s was killed when a container of wet concrete fell from a crane, 60 cranes were ordered to stop work while an audit is conducted.

Another man suffered life-threatening injuries during the incident and third suffered minor injuries.

A preliminary investigation by WorkSafe found that a malfunction of a key component had contributed to the incident.

The crane company that distributed the cranes have issued a cease work order for all cranes of the same make currently in use in Victoria until a safety audit has concluded.

WorkSafe had also brought in an independent expert to monitor the company’s crane audit to ensure it was done correctly.

The CFMEU has called for a safety review of crane operations in the state.

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Melbourne Worker Killed in Crane Incident


A Melbourne worker has been killed in a crane accident at Box Hill.

Two men were submerged and trapped in concrete after the tub fell on top of them, one of the men passed away on the scene while paramedics and workers worked to free the other worker from the wet concrete.

The man was partially submerged in the concrete and was struck by an object as well. He was eventually extricated from the concrete, thankfully before it set.

He sustained serious injuries to his head, chest and abdomen including fractures and internal bleeding. He was rushed to Royal Melbourne hospital for treatment where a trauma team was standing by.

Another man suffered only minor injuries and was rushed to Box Hill Hospital .

Police said both injured workers were in their late 20s.

The incident is being investigated by Victoria Police and WorkSafe.

Union leader John Setka, said this is something that should never happen. The CFMEU were offering support to co-workers who were traumatized by the incident. He said he believes mechanical failure is to blame for the incident.

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2015 Workplace Fatality Results in Fine for Crane Driver and Company

An Ipswich company and an employee, Robert Poida have both been fined over a 2015 workplace accident that led to the death of a crane driver.

An 8 tonne mobile yard crane was being used to shift a large steep pipe when Mr Poida asked a colleague he was supervising to walk alongside the crane’s left front wheel to steady the load.

The man was not a licenced dogman and was run over by the crane, dying at the scene.

An investigation revealed that the crane was not maintained and was defective, with unsafe brakes and lights however the court found this did not directly cause the death.

The supervising employee was convicted and fined $15,000 and had to pay court costs of $1100.

Crane Accident under Investigation

A crane accident has rocked a construction site in Adelaide at the Royal Adelaide Hospital causing workers to be evacuated and work to grind to halt.

Yet another incident involving cranes has taken place, this time during the lifting of a load which became dislodged from a sling. The dislodgement caused steel being lifted to fall from the load, narrowly missing workers down below.

No one was injured during the incident but obviously the outcome could have been devastating. SafeWork SA is now investigating the incident which apparently occurred around 7:30am.

The construction union is apparently outraged at the incident because it isn’t the first to have taken place on the site, suggesting that shortcuts are being taken by site controllers.

The following excerpt from an article on explains further:

5535370-4x3-340x255There have been several crane incidents during the building work including a crane’s load hitting a work shed.

Construction union official Aaron Cartledge has accused the building consortium of taking shortcuts because the hospital project is getting behind schedule.

“There are a number of workers just getting sick and tired of how the project is going,” he said.

“We’re trying to drill down to what are some of the endemic problems.”

Mr Cartledge says it would appear the latest problem was not due to any issue with the crane itself.


While the SafeWork SA investigation is ongoing, work on the site has since resumed. Part of the steel load fell while it was being moved by a tower crane on Thursday, luckily missing the workers on the site down below.

According to a media statement by SafeWork SA, it is taking an active role in investigating the incident as it does all notifiable incidents. The investigation is centring around the cause of the accident and ensuring that corrective measures are taken as well as implementing preventative actions to ensure no further incidents of this nature take place.

The following excerpt from a post explains:

SafeWork SA is also monitoring work safety at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital construction. SafeWork SA inspectors conduct regular visits to the site which operates 24 hours a day with more than 1,000 workers. Crane safety and operations across the site is also being discussed together with representatives from Hansen Yuncken, Leighton Contractors, CFMEU, CEPU, crews and other site personnels.


While cranes are powerful tools and are often irreplaceable on construction sites, if not used carefully they can be extremely dangerous, not only to workers on the site, crane operators and visitors to the work site but also to pedestrians and cars in adjacent areas as loads don’t always fall directly to the construction site below, but parts of the load can also reach outside of the site and injure or even kill innocent passers-by. Most crane fatalities take place when workers are crushed by the crane of its loads, usually during load shifts, machine malfunctions or operator error.

Freak Crane Accident Leaves Construction Worker Critical

A freak accident in Kalgoorlie has left a man in a critical condition in hospital. The man was an innocent pedestrian who was hit by a swinging crane which was being transported on a truck.

The 57 year old gentleman was standing on the side of the road when a part of the crane dislodged and struck him causing the man to sustain severe head injuries.

Authorities then closed the highway while they investigated the incident. The truck driver was subjected to questioning but was not fined for the incident.

The incident is a reminder of why crane safety is such an important issue in construction. Cranes have the potential to cause damage during their operation and transportation. Dozens of workers are injured each year due to cranes dropping their loads, swinging unexpectedly or parts becoming accidently becoming dislodged and hitting into workers. Overhead cranes also carry the danger of coming into contact with over-head power lines and electrocuting the operator.

The importance of operators inspecting the area below cannot be underestimated. Operators should inspect the area where they’re about to operate so that any falling objects or debris will not injure or kill a person in the area below.

Workers who operate cranes must be adequately trained to do so and other workers on site need to be trained on how to work safely in the vicinity of such machinery and equipment to avoid any possible mishaps.