Building Site Truck and Crane Rollover

WorkSafe ACT has announced a workplace accident involving a construction truck and crane.

The incident happened at a building site in Denman Prospect when a construction truck and crane rolled.

There were no injuries but WorkSafe has launched an investigation into what is considered a dangerous incident.

The truck, carrying a crane on the back, tipped over onto it’s side, possibly because the load was too heavy for the vehicle.

Fatal Crane Collapse at Google’s new Seattle Building

Google’s new Seattle building has been the site of the latest fatal crane collapse, claiming the lives of 4 people and injuring 2 others.

It is believed the collapse happened during a storm, causing the crane to tumble down onto one of the city’s busiest streets.

A woman and 3 men have lost their lives in the incident, 2 of them being iron workers who were inside the crane. The 2 other victims were passers-by inside cars on the street below.They all died on the scene.

A young mother and her 4 month old daughter miraculously escaped serious injury as their car was smashed on one side by the crane.

Given the recent concerns over construction site safety involving cranes in particular, it’s important we learn from incidents like these and recognise the importance of safety controls or risk devastating consequences like this.


Residents Evacuated after Crane Collapse Return Home


Some of the residents who were evacuated from their homes following a crane collapse at an apartment complex in Sydney’s north have returned to their homes.

An investigation is also underway into what caused the crane collapse at Wolli Creek on Brodie Spark Drive last week.

Residents of the building were forced to sleep in temporary accommodation as authorities figured out how to safely remove the crane. Residents from the surrounding buildings were allowed to the return to their homes.

Following the collapse, 3 construction workers were rushed to hospital for treatment, one of which had a suspected broken leg.

The damaged building is being assessed by structural engineers.

Meanwhile the CFMEU has called for a ban on the erection of cranes until investigations are complete, concerned that a mechanical or engineering fault may have been to blame.

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Crane Topples at Perth Site

A massive crane weighing 130 tonnes has collapsed at a construction site in Wembley, thankfully there were no injuries.

The crane was operating at the site at the corner of Pangbourne and Ruislip streets when it toppled, just before 10:00am. The crane hit a water main and went through new roof construction.

The construction director said that there were no injuries and damage caused was minimal. He also said the company would be cooperating with WorkSafe in their investigations as well as conducting their own.



Worker Almost Crushed on Superway Worksite

A horrendous crane and elevated work platform crash has resulted in a massive fine for the builder involved.

The Australian building company was fined $280,000 for major safety violations discovered by the federal work safety regulator Comcare.

The regulator embarked on an intensive investigation which found inadequate communication and isolation measures on the part of the builder and inadequate supervision, instruction and training.

Comcare said the worker was lucky to escape serious injury and possibly death given the circumstances.

The incident occurred when 2 large portal cranes were loading sections of a road bridge onto trucks when one of the cranes collided with an elevated platform, forcing the worker to try to leap out as the basket he was in buckled but his harness was holding him in. The man just managed to lean out of the basket and avoid being crushed as the crane stopped just in time.


Queens Crane Collapse Claims 2 Lives

A crane collapse at a construction site in Queens, New York has claimed the lives of 2 construction workers after they were crushed by a beam they were hoisting.

The men were lifting the I-beam with a crane when it snagged on part of the structure of the building, according to reports.

The cable holding the beam gave way and it came crashing down into the crane cab and fell onto the ground.

Unfortunately the cab operator and the worker holding the tether line were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Both workers were in their forties. The incident is under investigation.

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Operator Escapes after Crane Collapse



A crane collapse has occurred at a building site in Gosford, damaging 2 cars and breaking the cross arms of power poles.

Power lines were pulled down when the crane collapsed, with the crane driver escaping without injury after being trapped in the cabin for a while.

At least 600 homes and businesses had their power interrupted, but most of them had power restored within 90 minutes. 50 homes and businesses had no power overnight.

According to SafeWork NSW it appears that the 40 tonne crawler crane tipped over while slewing, bringing down power lines and damaging two motor vehicles before coming to rest on the road.

Thankfully no workers were injured in the incidents.


Crane Collapses in China

A crane collapse in southern China has injured 18 people and killed 18 more on Wednesday after collapsing onto two-storey temporary buildings below.

The 80 ton crane accident is the worst to have occured in the region since December when 74 people were killed when a man-made mountain of construction waste collapsed.


The incident is under investigation.