Falls the Focus of Cross Border Construction Program in Mildura

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The prevention of falls on construction sites was the recent focus of a joint program by SafeWork NSW and WorkSafe Victoria in Mildura in June.

The Cross Border Construction Program involved inspectors jointly visiting local building sites on both sides of the border to minimise the risk of workers being injured due to falls.

Inspectors were identifying safety risks and breaches and highlighting the similarities and differences between regulations in the 2 states.

Falls are a serious issue for the construction sector. Over the past decade 17 construction workers died due to a fall in Victoria.

In NSW, falls are responsible for the most number of deaths on construction sites. In 2017 the NSW government introduced new laws giving SafeWork NSW inspectors power to issue penalty notices of $3600 to companies and $720 to individuals for fall from height related  breaches.

Falls are just one of the health and safety issues that construction workers are faced with. In this high risk industry, it’s important that health and safety are the main priority.

One of the ways to ensure safety on construction sites is through worker training. Every worker must be adequately trained for the specific construction site and tasks they undertake but they must also be in possession of a White Card to prove they have completed general construction safety training as mandated by the federal government. Complete the White Card course online today and you are eligible to work on any construction site in Australia and across borders because the accreditation is nationally recognised.

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Cross Border Construction Inspections Result in 31 Improvement Notices

A joint inspection operation by WorkSafe ACT and SafeWork NSW on both sides of the border was held between 6-12 April on residential and commercial construction sites in Googong and Goulburn in NSW and Denman Prospect in the ACT.

Height safety, correct paperwork, general site safety and electrical safety were of particular interest to inspectors who issued 31 improvement notices and 5 prohibition notices.

State governments highlighted the importance of consistent and safe practices on both sides of the border as well as government’s commitment to reduce red tape and paperwork while maintaining safety standards.

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Construction Safety Project A Success

infrastructure project

A construction safety project run by WorkSafe Victoria and SafeWork NSW has been considered a success and will continue to run for another 3 years.

The program to benefit more workers in Border Construction sites revolves around safety inspectors visiting building sites on both sides of the Victoria/NSW border and educating workers and employers about the similarities of working between the 2 states.

Previously there was alot of confusion surrounding safety obligations on cross border construction sites which the program has helped to alleviate.

Now inspectors will turn their focus to young workers and will involve other government departments as well.  Find out more at: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/cross-border-construction-program-extended-3-years/#.V802cPl97IV