Construction Worker Rescued after Fall down Elevator Shaft

construction worker

A construction worker had to be rescued after falling down an elevator shaft. The man apparently lost his footing and fell 2 storeys down an elevator shaft from the fifth floor to the 3rd floor.

The worker sustained neck injuries and rib fractures but is lucky to be alive. He is recovering in hospital in a critical but stable condition. This incident is another reminder of how high risk work on a construction site can be, especially when there is the risk of falling.

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Elevator into Space to be Built in Canada


Imagine being able to go into space just by getting into an elevator?

Well Canadian engineers have produced a design for a 20 kilometre tall  space elevator which will extend into the earth’s stratosphere, providing a quick  connection between land and space.

Thoth Technology, an Ontario-based space and defence company own the patent for the new space elevator which when built, would make even the tallest  skyscraper look short in comparison.


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