New Company Wants to Bring Autonomous Excavators to the Construction Industry

A start-up tech company want’s to take self driving technology to the construction site, by adapting the technology for excavators and construction machinery.

The company wants to modify excavators and other construction machinery to be autonomous, so that human labour can be freed up to undertake more complex tasks.The compay says this will address the shortage of trained drivers.

The company called Built Robotics said tuning excavators with technology that allow them to drive themselves and do basic tasks such as earth  moving, will leave more time for skilled drivers to do the most complicated tasks that require more expertise.


Safety Alert Issued after Excavator Incident


An excavator incident has led to the release of a safety alert by WorkSafe New Zealand on managing ground instability hazards.

The incident in question occurred when an operator was excavating coal and a rock fall took place. The operator was struck and injured while inside the excavator cab.

The incident is still under investigation by WorkSafe but the safety alert was issued to help others avoid a similar fate.

The extractives industry in particular should be aware of the need to ensure effective controls are in place to manage ground instability hazards.These controls should be monitored to ensure they remain effective, the safety alert warned.

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