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Joint Inspection Blitz Targets Young Workers


A joint inspection blitz by WorkSafe Victoria and SafeWork NSW focusing on keeping young workers safe and reducing deadly falls in the Albury Wodonga region, is a reminder of the importance of keeping these young and inexperienced workers safe on the construction site.

Young workers are not only inexperienced but usually eager to please and naive to the potential risks on construction sites which often puts them at a greater risk. That is why inspectors from both safety agencies visited construction sites as part of the Cross Border Construction Program to help keep them injury free.

The program operates at three locations on the Victoria-NSW border annually helping construction employers learn more about the similarities and differences between work health and safety regulations in each state.


Man In His Twenties Falls Through Roof in Sydney


A fall through a roof at a building site in Sydney’s south west has left a man in his twenties hospitalised.

The worker fell from a height at a a site in Oran Park and was rushed to hospital by paramedics.

Although not many details have emerged about the incident, it is under investigation by SafeWork NSW.

This is an important issue that requires attention given that statistics from Safe Work Australia show falls from a height were the main cause of fatalities in both the building construction and construction services industry sub-divisions between 2007 and 2016.

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3Metre Fall Causes Serious Injuries for Man in His Eighties


An elderly man recently slipped and fell while working in a shed at a property north of Gympie.

The man was airlifted to hospital after paramedics were called to the scene to attend to the man in his 80s.

The man fell approximately three meters and sustained serious head injuries.

He was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a critical condition.

This incident and numerous others which have occurred recently at private residences, highlight the importance of fall protection even when working at home. Fall prevention and fall protection measures shouldn’t be reserved only for construction sites.

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Queensland Man’s Ladder Incident Lands Him in Hospital


A worker has been injured after falling from a ladder on a Queensland work site.

The man was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital via RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter in a stable condition after hitting his head in a ladder fall incident at his worksite south-west of Gatton.

Ladder falls are the most common causes of falls from height and falls from height are the most common form of accidents on work sites, despite the fact that these incidents are avoidable with the proper protection.

In 2016, there were 25 workers killed as a result of a falls from height, so it’s obvious this is an area that requires attention.

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Workplace Ladder Death Leads to Fine for Businessman

A businessman from Western Sydney was fined $60,000 after an employee died after falling from a ladder during the installation of security cameras in 2016.

A 58 year old casual worker broke his jaw and suffered injury to his shoulder, hip and head after falling from the ladder. The man died in hospital shortly after the fall.

The employer was fined in the Sydney District Court for failing to ensure the health and safety of the worker. A adequate fall protection system was not in place.

Falls from ladders are some of the most common causes of injuries on workplaces and they are preventable. Fall protection systems should always be in place even when there is only a risk of falling from a relatively low height. Despite the preventable nature of falls on worksites, a safety blitz conducted by SafeWork NSW revealed that falls from heights have more than tripled over the past 5 years.


Man Hurt After Falling on Construction Site


Yet another fall from a roof has taken place, this time at a NSW construction site in Berry.

The man was rushed to hospital after falling 3 metres when the railing or scaffolding underneath the man gave way. The man is in his twenties.

NSW Ambulance was called to the Huntingdale Park Road site where they discovered the man had fallen off a roof. He complained of shoulder and neck pain and there were fears he landed on his head in the fall. A spokesperson said he was bleeding but did not consider his injuries as serious.

The man is lucky his injuries weren’t worse given the height from which he fell. It’s important to remember that even falls from a relatively low height can result in serious injury or even death.

The man has been taken to Wollongong Hospital for further treatment.


Central Coast Company Fined after Man Falls 4.5m

A company has been fined $120,000 after a worker fell 4.5 metres from a cool room in a 2016 incident.

The Central Coast kitchen cabinet maker was fined in the Sydney District Court for failing to ensure the health and safety of the worker, who was 55 years old at the time.

It was revealed that the man did not have high risk construction training or work from heights training.  While the company had received a quote for training, they thought the cost was too high and that workers were experienced enough to undertake this work.

The company also apparently had few safeguards in place to eliminate or minimise the associated risks.

At the time of the accident the worker was assisting in the removal of air conditioning ducting from the top of the cool room when he fell 4.5m onto the concrete floor beneath when the suspended ceiling panel gave in.

The man missed work for months after suffering a fractured wrist and elbow as well as a fractured kneecap.

In 2017 SafeWork NSW successfully prosecuted 34 offenders and issued 218 penalty notices. Source:

Queensland Fatal Skylight Fall Under Investigation

An incident during which a worker fell 5 metres onto a concrete floor is under investigation by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

It appears the worker was attending to a radio tower on the roof of a storage shed when a skylight collapsed, causing him to fall through and onto the concrete floor below.

Alarmingly Workplace Health and Safety Queensland reports that more than 3200 worker’s compensation claims were accepted annually where a worker fell from a height. Of these fall from height claims 54 per cent are for serious injury with 5 or more days off work.

According to WHSQ there have been 2153 prohibition notices issued since 2012, 1832 improvement notices and 47 infringement notices for issues relating to falls from heights or risk of working at heights, so it’s quite clear that not enough is being done in the industry to address falls.


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Company Charged Over Death of Painter

A Vic company has been fined for the accident involving a painter who fell to his death on their site in 2017.

The 69 year old man fell more than 3 metres through a hole at a construction site at Merricks North on the Mornington Peninsula.

A hotel complex under construction was the site of the tragedy with WorkSafe finding that the company had breached several workplace health and safety laws.

The company was charged in the Melbourne Magistrates Court recently.