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The Benefits of Micro-breaks to Ease The Body and Reboot The Brain

Taking breaks on the job is not just good for your body and mind but can also make you more productive. A recent study has proven that micro-breaks are a huge benefit to the body and also reboot the brain.

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Building Collapse Claims 9 Lives in India

A building collapse in India has claimed the lives of at least 9 people, whose bodies have been discovered by rescuers who worked to clear the rubble following the horror collapse. The incident involved 2 multi-level buildings, one of which

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Falls the Focus of Cross Border Construction Program in Mildura

The prevention of falls on construction sites was the recent focus of a joint program by SafeWork NSW and WorkSafe Victoria in Mildura in June. The Cross Border Construction Program involved inspectors jointly visiting local building sites on both sides

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NSW Government Invests in Workplace Mental Health

NSW Ministers recently announced the Mentally Healthy Workplaces in NSW Strategy 2022, pledging $55 million for mental health initiatives. The Strategy was developed in collaboration with people that have experience with mental health issues first-hand – including workers, advocates, workers

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Standing too much at Work Could Damage Your Health

According to new research out of Ontario Canada, standing too much at work can be just as damaging to your health as too much sitting. Researchers say standing too long can lead to blood pooling in the legs, increase pressure

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2017 Almost As Many Workers Killed as 2016

Workplace health and safety didn’t improve much in 2017 from the previous year, if Safe Work Australia fatality figures are anything to go by. In 2017 there were 173 Australian workers killed on the job (as at 22 December), just

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EnergySafety Warns About Roof Space Dangers

A safety reminder has been issued by EnergySafety highlighting the hazards of working in roof spaces and how to avoid them. Ken Bowron, Director of Energy Safety said basic safeguards need to be in place when accessing the home’s roof

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Charity Lunch Planned to Raise Funds for Worker Mental Health

Over the course of the month of August, also known as Tradie Health Month, there is a strong focus on not just tradies’ physically health and wellbeing, but mental health as well. MATES in Construction has announced a Charity Lunch

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Victoria’s Non-Compliant Cladding the Topic of Taskforce

The Victorian Government plans to establish a taskforce of experts to investigate the extent of non-compliant cladding on buildings in the state. The recent Grenfell Tower Fire in London has highlighted the issue of non-compliant cladding contributing to the rapid

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NSW Implements Heftier Safe Regulations After Grenfell Tower Fire

The NSW Government is said to be considering stricter regulation on use of combustible cladding after the London Grenfell Tower fire that resulted in 80 deaths. According to Premier Gladys Berejiklian, NSW’s building safety measures will be re-examined after reports

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