New Company Wants to Bring Autonomous Excavators to the Construction Industry

A start-up tech company want’s to take self driving technology to the construction site, by adapting the technology for excavators and construction machinery.

The company wants to modify excavators and other construction machinery to be autonomous, so that human labour can be freed up to undertake more complex tasks.The compay says this will address the shortage of trained drivers.

The company called Built Robotics said tuning excavators with technology that allow them to drive themselves and do basic tasks such as earth  moving, will leave more time for skilled drivers to do the most complicated tasks that require more expertise.


Workers Leg Crushed by Saw Blade in Workplace Accident


Freak accidents are common occurrences on construction sites as a twenty-six year worker in New South Wales recently discovered.

The man sustained serious crush injuries after a saw blade fell onto his leg at a Sydney worksite recently.

It is believed the man was working at a West Pennant Hills site when the saw blade, estimated to weight one-tonne, fell and crushed his leg.

The man was treated by paramedics at the scene and rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital for further treatment.

The incident is under investigation by SafeWork NSW.


Working Safely Around Heavy Machinery

A workman on a construction site in Perth was trapped under his machinery and had to be rescued by emergency services. The man sustained injuries as a result of the incident, however the full extent of his injuries have not yet been revealed.

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922800A WORKMAN who was trapped under machinery has been freed and is being airlifted to Perth for treatment.

The worker was trapped under machinery at Coolup, about 100km south of Perth.

A DFES spokesman said the man had been freed from under the machinery and would be airlifted to Perth for treatment.

The helicopter landed at RPH just after 1pm.

St John Ambulance received the call for help just after 10am today.

Firefighters from Mandurah and volunteer Fire and Rescue Service firefighters from Pinjarra and Waroona attended the accident scene.

The extent of the man’s injuries is not yet known.

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One of the most common hazards associated with machinery on construction sites is caught between and struck-by injuries. Caught between injuries occur when workers are caught between the machinery and something else or 2 pieces of machinery. Sometimes workers become trapped in the cab of the heavy machinery after an incident occurs and is unable to escape with outside assistance. Often workers can become pinned by machinery and are unable to move or are seriously injured as a result.

Struck-by injuries are another common cause of injuries involving heavy machinery. Workers are commonly struck by machinery and moving vehicles on construction sites and there are various measures that need to be implemented to avoid these events.

Machinery that has unguarded moving parts or that is not lockedout during maintenance; heavy equipment that tips over and working between moving materials and immovable structures, vehicles, or equipment are just some of the working conditions that contribute to caught between hazards.

Virtually every site uses machinery that has moving or rotating parts or that requires maintenance or repair at some point during construction. If machinery is not adequately guarded or de-energized during maintenance or repair, injuries from caught- between hazards may result. Injuries that may occur range from amputations and fractures to fatalities.

Operators also need to be aware that they or other workers on site can be trapped and crushed under heavy equipment that tips, especially if they are thrown from the equipment.

Another hazard that you need to be aware of involves being pinned between equipment and a solid object, such as a wall or another piece of equipment or between materials being stacked or stored and a solid object. Workers could also be pinned between shoring and construction materials in a trench. Some of the types of injuries that can result include multiple broken bones, asphyxiation and/or death.

These types of hazards and the prevalence with which they occur highlight the need for general construction safety training. This general safety training in Oz should take the form of the White Card Course. For more information on how to complete the course online visit our homepage.