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Construction Tradies Across all fields benefit from Booming Market

A recent article on highlighted the benefits of the booming construction market for tradespeople across Australia.

Tradies in the residential, commercial and civil construction sector are benefiting from the buoyant labour market conditions.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the number of full-time and part-time workers employed throughout the building and construction sector in Australia in May stood at 1.174 million. This number was the second highest level on record, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Statistics show that over the past four years, the construction sector added 156,000 employees and self-employed business people who make their living from the industry and the volume of opportunities is only growing.

It’s important to note that while opportunities abound and the pay is lucrative, anyone applying for work in the construction fields must be in possession of a White Card, this is to prove that they have completed mandatory General Construction Induction Safety training. Find out more about online White Card training here.


Calls to Stop Abuse against Road Construction Workers

Tweed Shire Council has once again appealed to motorists to remain calm if roadworks happen to delay their journey following the third reported incident of motorist aggression and assault of road workers in the area this year.

The latest report to the police involved a driver who drove at and hit a traffic controller in May.

In April a motorist drove at and nudged a traffic controller on Kyogle Road and in March a motorist stopped and verbally abused a traffic controller on Tweed Valley Way.

These incidents are being addressed by the police but it’s obvious road rage incidents against road workers is escalating.

In light of these incidents Tweed GM Troy Green reminded residents that there are a lot of roadworks happening in the shire at the moment and it should not be a surprise to any motorist that you might encounter a stop / slow flagman and delays. He added that while they try to keep the delay to less than 5 minutes, this isn’t always possible but abuse is never warranted.

Motorists have been warned that they can expect to be charged and prosecuted if they assault a roadworker.

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Following Florida Bridge Collapse Construction Method in Question

Accelerated Bridge Construction is a construction method developed by a group of bridge engineering experts who discovered in 2010 that America’s bridges were crumbling and a lot more of them needed to be built, and fast.

This method which involves building the bridge off-site and then moving it to its final location in one piece, minimises costs and disruptions, but is now under investigation following the collapse of a bridge in Florida.

The bridge was being constructed using the Accelerated Bridge Construction method when it collapsed, killing 6 people and injuring 9 others.

While other bridges in different parts of the country have been constructed successfully using this technique, an investigation will determine whether it played a role in this particular collapse.

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Construction Employment Up 9% in NSW

According to statistics, over 383,300 more people have been employed in Australia over the past year, most of them full time.

In the past month, 61,600 people were employed.

The huge jump in employment is likely to come from 2 industries mainly, the healthcare and social assistance and construction sectors.

In construction 104,400 jobs were added and as Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas pointed out, it’s becoming difficult to find the right construction workers.

With opportunities abounding in the construction sector, anyone interested in entering a career in this industry will need to hold a White Card first. This general construction induction card proves that you have completed general construction safety training and can work safely on a building site.


Watch a Road Being Constructed

Here’s an interesting road construction time-lapse video of the King Georges Road Interchange. There’s something so satisfying and fulfilling about watching construction time-lapses, almost as if the process happens so effortlessly and quickly, of-course those of us actually in the construction industry know about the numerous hassles, delays and hiccups that inevitably accompany almost every construction project.

State Government Announce Sydney Metro Rail Construction


If the congestion on Sydney’s roads is getting to you, there is some good news. The city has announced a Metro West line that will link the city, western suburbs, inner city Bays Precinct and Sydney Olympic Park, helping ease congestion.

Although the service is not expected to be operational in the next decade, the completion date is estimated between 2025 and 2029. Once completed the train will be able to move 40,000 people an hour in each direction.

Business leaders said the project would be good business, with no downsides. The project will boost the construction sector and provide thousands of jobs.

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Review Reveals Healthy Construction Future Ahead

hospital site


A review by WT Partnerships predicts activity in the construction sector to remain at a positive level in the short term.

Released last month, the review of the Australian construction market conditions shows the construction and infrastructure activity outlook is positive.

The review revealed strong delivery continuing for residential, retail, health and commercial projects in Australia. The review reported a particularly strong focus on infrastructure projects, especially in the states of Victoria and New South Wales.

Commercial real estate developers are expected to benefit from the increased demand for office space.


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