Queensland Man’s Ladder Incident Lands Him in Hospital

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A worker has been injured after falling from a ladder on a Queensland work site.

The man was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital via RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter in a stable condition after hitting his head in a ladder fall incident at his worksite south-west of Gatton.

Ladder falls are the most common causes of falls from height and falls from height are the most common form of accidents on work sites, despite the fact that these incidents are avoidable with the proper protection.

In 2016, there were 25 workers killed as a result of a falls from height, so it’s obvious this is an area that requires attention.

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Workplace Ladder Death Leads to Fine for Businessman

A businessman from Western Sydney was fined $60,000 after an employee died after falling from a ladder during the installation of security cameras in 2016.

A 58 year old casual worker broke his jaw and suffered injury to his shoulder, hip and head after falling from the ladder. The man died in hospital shortly after the fall.

The employer was fined in the Sydney District Court for failing to ensure the health and safety of the worker. A adequate fall protection system was not in place.

Falls from ladders are some of the most common causes of injuries on workplaces and they are preventable. Fall protection systems should always be in place even when there is only a risk of falling from a relatively low height. Despite the preventable nature of falls on worksites, a safety blitz conducted by SafeWork NSW revealed that falls from heights have more than tripled over the past 5 years.

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Ladder Fall Lands NSW Man in Hospital

The risk associated with the use of ladders is often underestimated and most people become complacent about ladder safety which is why we see so many ladder related injuries especially at home and on the job site.

Another ladder incident has taken place in south-eastern New South Wales and resulted in pelvic injuries for one worker who had to be airlifted to hospital.

The accident occurred just south of Nowra recently when the man fell 2 metres from the ladder and had to be flown to St George Hospital for treatment.

In the construction industry, falls from heights are responsible for 96 fatalities over the last decade to 2016. It is the main cause of fatalities in the construction and construction services industries.

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Man Airlifted After Ladder Fall

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The latest serious ladder incident involved an elderly man working on the roof of his friend’s house near Curra, north of Gympie.

According to reports, the man in his seventies lost his footing and fell, suffering head injuries.

He was treated on the scene before being airlifted via RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital for further treatment.

The man was fortunate to be in a stable condition, but the consequences could have been alot worse.

Although we don’t know the reason for the fall, we do know that falls from ladders accounted for 28 per cent of the fall related hospitalisations between July 2006 and June 2009.

Sadly complacency towards work from heights often leads to incidents like this and worse.

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Fall from Ladder Results in Serious Injury for Queensland Man

A man in his seventies was recently injured after falling from a ladder in south east Queensland.

It is believed the man broke his leg after falling 4 metres from a ladder.

Paramedics treated him on the scene and then transported him to Sunshine Coast University Hospital for further treatment.

This is a common occurrence not only on construction sites but across all industries and very often when people are working at their own homes.

It’s important to exercise safe ladder use, whether at work or home and even if the possible fall is relatively low.

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Statistics Show 20 Vic Worker Injured due to Falls Every Week

Another incident has occurred forcing us to consider whether we are doing enough to guard against injuries and fatalities due to falls on the work site.

A 53 year old worker recently died after he fell from a ladder, on the mezzanine floor to the ground floor at a Melbourne site.

The worker fell 4.3 metres at the building in Maidstone.

The incident has prompted WorkSafe Victoria to issue a warning regarding work from height safety.

The authority says 20 people are injured every week in Victoria due to falls in the workplace.

Employers must remember that whenever there is a risk of a construction worker falling more than 2 metres, employers need a plan to manage the risk.

But that doesn’t mean falls from lower heights can’t also be serious. Even possible falls from relatively low heights need to be addressed.

Marnie Williams,WorkSafe health and safety director said just because a fall hasn’t occurred doesn’t mean the site is safe, you could just be lucky. We cannot leave safety to luck.

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Man Airlifted to Hospital after Ladder Fall on Construction Site

Working on a ladder is one of those tasks that is seemingly so simple, yet it ends in disaster for so many, even experienced workers.

Just recently a man was injured after falling 2 metres from a ladder in central Queensland.

The man was working on a ladder when he fell and sustained chest and shoulder injuries. The man was attended to at the scene by the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) before being flown to Bundaberg Base Hospital by the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter.

Make sure all workers on site have completed the necessary safety training before attempting such tasks as working from ladders or any work from height, beginning with the White Card course to avoid incidents like this.

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