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Help Available for NSW First Time Workers

As many young people enter the workforce in 2019, it’s important that they have access to help and advice to face the challenges of life on the job site, particularly for those entering trade fields. Minister for Better Regulation Matt

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How Toxic Work Stress Can Affect Your Health

Everyone experiences some form of stress at some time in their lives but toxic stress left unchecked can have devastating effects on our mental and physical health. Experts have warned about the danger of toxic stress. Safe Work Australia said

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Funding for Investigation into High Construction Suicide Rate in NZ.

The New Zealand construction industry is facing a similar mental health crisis as Australia, looking to the Mates in Construction programme as inspiration for its own plan to tackle the issue. With Mates in Construction proving successful here in Australia,

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Remaining Mentally Healthy in Construction

Improving the mental health of construction workers should be a priority for every construction employer and was recently the focus of a special event at Hazelbrook. The event ” Staying Healthy in the Construction Industry” featured speakers from the Housing

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NSW Government’s Plan to Reduce Deaths in Construction

The NSW government has a plan to address workplace deaths and accidents in the construction industy, pledging $80 billion to NSW infrastructure over the next 4 years. As infrastructure construction amps up over the coming years, safety in the construction

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WorkSafe Victoria Advertising Campaign Redefines Workplace Safety

WorkSafe Victoria launched an advertising campaign which shared the opinions of working Victorians to highlight the changing nature of what health and safety at work means. People from a range of industries talk about their own workplace health and safety

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NSW Government Invests in Workplace Mental Health

NSW Ministers recently announced the Mentally Healthy Workplaces in NSW Strategy 2022, pledging $55 million for mental health initiatives. The Strategy was developed in collaboration with people that have experience with mental health issues first-hand – including workers, advocates, workers

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Work Stress Link to Common Mental Illness

According to the latest research by the Black Dog Institute, high strain on the job is linked to an increased risk of common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety among middle-aged workers. The research shows that up to

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Ensuring Your Workplace is Mentally Healthy

The NSW Goverment held a Mentally Healthy Workplaces Summit recently where it encouraged all workplaces to improve mental health among employees. The summit was held following state government commissioned research which showed that less than 25 per cent of NSW

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Take Mental Health Seriously, Firms Urged

In comparison to the general population, construction industry workers are more than twice as likely to commit suicide, according to research from Mates in Construction and consulting firm PWC. Mates in Construction is an organisation working to train and assist

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