Some of the Larger Construction Vehicles

Below is a video of the worlds largest excavation machine and it is interesting to try and think about how difficult it must be to operate considering it has so many moving parts. Working in construction means you will probably be interested in such a construction vehicle. Remember you can operate such a vehicle after completing your White Card Online process to get your construction induction card.

Australian mining is a massive industry which calls for some massive machines, so if you want to be a part of this mining culture you still have ot jump online and grab your White Card, so that you can work on a construction site anywhere in Australia.


Utilising Rough Terrain Vehicles – White Card Presents

Rough terrain equipment is not just used for what you think it might be used for, and in addition,  it has similar operational safety to what is described in the White Card Course anyway. This kind of equipment does not only function in harsh terrain, but also in any terrain which means that it can be a perfect all weather choice. This comes in handy if you are moving around a lot or if the construction that you perform is one where the site is always at a different location (Yes, I know it is uncommon). Overall, the white card online course will not teach you this benefit as it is more of a trade secret that you pick up on the way.

White Card Presents RT Forklifts

There are a few new RT forklifts that are out there recently, the JCB RT forklift 926, 930 and 940 are always a good front runner. The forklift is a classic piece of equipment that is used on almost every construction site, but at the same time it can be very dangerous, if the weather changes or the terrain gets difficult. White Card won’t teach you this because it is derived from what it does teach which is to always be on the lookout for a safer way to operate.

White Card Australia

White Card Demonstrates – RT Cranes

The Sany SRC860 crane was released 6 months ago, and just like the aforementioned forklift, this crane can operate safely in almost any terrain. Just remember that to use the Sany SRC860 you need to have completed you’re White Card Course first, so that you can work on any construction site/project around Australia. The mentioned crane has 250-horsepower with a Tier 3 Cummins engine, while it also has a Dana Powershift transmission. With the ability to carry 60 tonnes of weight at a 10 foot radius, this crane is not one to be missed. Another plus is that this is the first crane to have been developed by a combined American/Chinese team.


If you are interested in this crane, then also check out these links below for more information on the mentioned crane, and another competitor.

Sany SRC860 RT crane here

Badger CD4430 Crane here

The White Card Methodology

So go online and get your oh&s construction induction card today (white card) so that you can work on any construction site around Australia safely. White Card also teaches that you need to keep research up and always look for ways to make your work site a more safer and happier one.


Engineering in Construction

Engineering is an interesting field within the construction industry, as it focuses on the actual structure that is being made, rather than the means that the structure is made by – but structural engineers more than often still need their white card online! This is because when you are working as an engineer, you might like to supervise the construction of the building you have helped make structurally sound. And more than often this is a necessity on the site, as the engineer will need to help out with the placement of larger objects, and will need to make sure the building will not fall over in any circumstances! But you might think this is the kind of field that suits you – but this is the kind of field that requires years of study at university in structural engineering, and is a very complicated and difficult trade.

What Would A Structural Engineer Do?

The structural engineers job, as previously mentioned, is to receive plans from an architect and then investigate how they can make those plans a reality. Essentially, they take a concept for a building and they make it realistic, by planning how it will be constructed, what materials will be used, and they ensure that the building is safe and will not falter under any pressure! If you would like to see what engineers do in practice, then you should also check out this interesting documentary below on how they constructed this ski resort in Dubai!

This kind of engineering is more than tough, and often requires experts, but you can see that the work would be interesting and fun, while also challenging. You do need to be very intelligent though, to be able to design and implement building schemes.

White Card Online

Grab Your White Card Online Today!

To be able to participate in this world of construction and planning, you need to first get online and complete the white card online course. This will allow you to step onto the construction site anywhere in Australia (provided you have a job working on it!). This is necessary for almost every trade, and as such, you should get it as fast as possible. The online course is straightforward and fast, giving you the best and most accurate information possible!


The White Card Is Now National

white card online

The National OHS laws commenced on 1 January 2012 for the Commonwealth, some States and all Territories. This now means that the General Construction Induction Training and whitecard issued in one State is now recognised by all State workplace regulators.

This has been achieved through some States and Territories adopting the National OHS laws and remaining States continuing their current laws.  The objective of a national whitecard has now been achieved some 3 years after the first enactment of laws adopting the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work in all States and Territories.

Please note that some State regulators still only allow their State’s local RTOs to provide face to face.  This does not affect whitecards issued interstate, as these whitecards are acknowledged by all State and Territory work health and safety regulators as being valid.

A national White Card can be obtained through online learning and used in any State or Territory.

So, if you want the convenience of online whitecard training for your employees, contractors and sub-contractors, Urban E-Learning can meet your needs Australia wide.

Discover more about our White Card Course here.

The National OHS laws also introduced new provisions for Persons Controlling a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), allowing the PCBU to provide the General Construction Induction Training.  If you prefer a uniform approach to your whitecard learning, Urban E-Learning  can provide your own purchasing portal.

Where you require a customised course for General Construction Induction Training or need someone to manage your training needs for General Construction Induction Training, Urban E-Learning can meet all of your needs and provide accurate reports for compliance and audit purposes.

Please see our website at for more detail on how we meet the requirements of each State and Territory regulator.


The National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work (ASCC May 2007) underpins the course CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry.

Based on successful completion of this course students will receive a Statement of Attainment and where requested issued with a whitecard for use nationally.

The whitecard is recognised by all regulators under their respective laws, as meeting the local requirements for a valid whitecard.


Rough Terrain Equipment for All Purpose Use

Rough terrain vehicles are used all the time around Australia, in all states, especially as we move onto a more mining focused future – White Card Online teaches. So it is important that we learn to adapt to new circumstances and we apply ourselves to new technology. This does include all terrain equipment that is commonly use in any given construction site around Australia. So White Card Online will show you some of the newer technology to hit the RT (rough terrain) construction site.

White Card Online – RT Forklift

There are new forklifts being unveiled each passing month, but the general design usually stays the same. One of the newer rough terrain forklifts to come out is the JCB RT forklifts 926, 930 and 940. This forklift design is pictured below and will make your lifting easier, especially if it needs to be done on a less smooth surface. In summary, this forklift will make your lifting requirements a lot easier and faster, with less hassle! – white card online teaches.

White Card Online

White Card Online – RT Cranes

Sany has introduced us to the all new SRC860 crane around June last year, and this is still a relatively new crane that can be used throughout rough terrain. Not only does this crane provide the user with the ability to lift heavy objects almost anywhere rough, it is also an extremely reliable crane for terrains that are not so rough. So all around, this is a generally, good quality crane as white card online teaches. This comes with a 250-horsepower Tier 3 Cummins engine, and also, a Dana Powershift transmission. The RT crane has the outstanding ability to loft 60 tonnes withing a 10 foot load radius. You should also note that this is the first U.S tailored machine to be designed by both an American/Chinese joint team. The crane tackles versatility, usability and strength with only a weight of less than 90,000 pounds.

Another crane that White Card online will show you, is the Badger CD4430 rough terrain crane. This crane is also relatively new to the market and is sure to meet all of your construction needs. It is a 30 tonne cab down style rough terrain crane, that has a two section boom, which can reach 53 feet, with the optional 3 section boom.

White card online also gives you the links to find more information on these cranes, listed below:

Sany SRC860 RT crane here

Badger CD4430 Crane here

Don’t stop researching!

That’s all the new technology that will be shown for now, but it is recommended that you go online and start to look up some of this equipment for yourself as it can never hurt to know more about new construction technology, it could increase site safety and save you money – White Card online recommends.