See How Many Workers Killed in Latest Work Related Fatality Report


Safe Work Australia has released the latest figures on workplace health and safety and in 2018, 118 Australian workers were killed on the job.

While the transport,postal and warehousing and agriculture, forestry and fishing industries emerged as the most high risk with 38 and 33 fatalities consecutively, the construction industry has the third highest number of fatalities with 21 recorded deaths.

There were also 5 workers killed in the mining industry.

One of the reasons the federal government has mandated construction safety training is due to the high risk nature. Before beginning work on a construction site, workers must complete White Card training. Find out more at


Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2018 Report Released


Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2018 report has been released by Safe Work Australia, offering us a summary of national work related injuries, diseases and deaths.

The report provides an understanding of the national work related injury/death statistics in order to help reduce these incidents.

Safe Work Australia used information from all jurisdictions, the media and the National Coronial Information Service to compile the report.

A spokesperson said Australians can use the information of trends, comparisons and industry breakdowns contained within the publication to improve safety.

Read the Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2018 report here.

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Update on Workplace Fatality Figures

Since the start of this year, there have been 83 workplace fatalities across the country and across all sectors, according to the latest figures from Safe Work Australia.

The construction industry has the third highest number of fatalities – 14, exceeded only by the agriculture, forestry, fishing industry which had 26 deaths and transport, postal and warehousing industry with 24 fatalities.

Safe Work Australia said once the appropriate authorities investigated, more accurate information would become available about the incidents.

Last year there were 187 Australian workers killed on the job.

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Tradie Safety Month – What we’ve learned

Tradies make up one third of Australia’s workforce, yet their injuries account for more than half of the country’s serious workers’ compensation claims.

That is why Safe Work Australia has made August Tradies Health Month to remind employers to protect their workers and to remind tradies of the importance of safety.

Michelle Baxter of Safe Work Australia said employees were a company’s greatest assets, so employers need to take care of them.

The most common serious claims for workers compensation are due to muscular stress while lifting, carrying or putting down objects. Tradies most often experienced traumatic joint, ligament and/or muscle/ tendon injuries.

Another alarming statistic released by Safe Work revealed that 50 tradies die every year from vehicle incidents.

Ms Baxter said taking shortcuts will actually end up costing you more. Throughout the month information and resources regarding tradie safety will be available in the form of data, videos etc on Safe Work’s website.


The Theme of This Years National Safe Work Month Announced

Safe Work Australia has just announced the theme of this year’s National Safe Work Month which is held annually in October.

The theme this year is ” A moment is all it takes”.

CEO Michelle Baxter pointed out that while a safety incident takes only a moment to happen in any workplace, a moment’s forsight can also prevent harm.

She said its important that people take time each morning to discuss safety with their team, including hazards and workplace risks as well as how to prevent harm.

A range of resources will be available on Safe Work’s National Safe Work Month website to help businesses make the most of Safe Month.


Latest Workplace Fatalities Reported

Safe Work Australia has released the latest workplace fatality figures and as at the end of June, 70 Australians had lost their lives on the job since the start of the year.

According to figures, 11 construction workers have been killed in 2018, exceeded only by the transport, postal & warehousing industry with 23 fatalities and the agriculture, forestry & fishing industry which recorded 20 fatalities.

In 2017, 187 Australian workers were killed at work, as compared to 182 workers in 2016.


Teach Young Workers to Put Safety First

Safe Work Australia recently urged everyone to participate in the celebration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Worker’s Memorial Day to honour people who died from work-related illness or injury.

This year the safety regulator urged employers to focus on the safety of young workers and future generations with ‘Generation Safe and Healthy’.

Safe Work Australia reminds everyone of the lack of experience and maturity of young workers and that their lack of awareness of workplace health and safety may increase the risk of workplace injury.

They urged employers, supervisors and other leaders to give these young workers the right tools and training to do the job safely and encourage them to speak up about health and safety.  Read more at

2017 Almost As Many Workers Killed as 2016


Workplace health and safety didn’t improve much in 2017 from the previous year, if Safe Work Australia fatality figures are anything to go by.

In 2017 there were 173 Australian workers killed on the job (as at 22 December), just 9 less than the previous year. In 2016, there were 182 Australian workers killed on the job, with the highest number of fatalities coming from the transport industry.

The Agriculture, forestry and fishing industry recorded the second highest number of fatalities with 46, 2 more than in 2016 when 44 workers were killed.

The construction industry recorded 30 fatalities.

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Notifiable Fatalities Latest Report Shows Number of Construction Workers Killed on the Job


The July 2017 notifiable fatalities report has been released by Safe Work Australia, and according to the data, 15 work related notifiable fatalities occurred in that month.

The report gives a national count of work related traumatic fatalities that were notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions.

In July 2017, seven male workers and one female worker was killed. There were also 4 male bystanders killed and 3 female bystanders killed.

Two fatalities were from the construction industry.


Commit to Safety – Safe Work Australia Urges


October is National Safe Work Month and Safe Work Australia is encouraging all employers and workers to commit to working towards a safe and healthy workplace.

The theme of this year’s National Safe Work Month is Sharing safety knowledge and experience benefits everyone.

Safe Work Australia Chair, Diane Smith-Gander called for organisations to run safety initiatives and share their experiences so that everyone can benefit.

She explained that work related injury and disease cost the community $61.8 billion annually, so we all need to commit to establishing safe workplaces.

The greatest cost is immeasurable, the cost of grief and trauma to workers and their families.

She explains a comprehensive campaign kit has been released on the National Safe Work Month website, including logos, posters, flyers, graphics and messages as well as suggestions for safety activities and other guidance. There is also a competition offering $5000 in cash to the organisation with best safety initiative.

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