Townsville Accident Claims Workers Life

Another fatal workplace accident has taken place, this time in Townsville, highlighting once again the risks associated with construction work.

A man has been killed in Bohle. It is believed he was hit by a falling pipe being unloaded from a truck.

Emergency services were called to the scene but pronounced the man, in his sixties, dead at the scene.

The incident will be investigated by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

As we all return to work and commence with building projects, let’s make sure we’ve got our safety plans in place and all workers are properly trained in safety to avoid tragedies like this one.


WorkCover Queensland Urges Workers to Put Safety First in Last Quarter of the Year

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WorkCover Queensland recently issued a reminder to all employers to pay particular attention to safety during the lead-up to Christmas. This time of year is usually marked by an increased number of workplace injury claims, WorkCover Queensland Executive – Priority Industries, Barbara Martin notes.

According to her, people exhausted from a busy year as well as those rushing to get projects completed before the end of the year, tend to lose concentration and make mistakes which can lead to serious consequences.

She also noted a rise in preventable accidents like slips, trips and falls.

Another area of concern around this time of year is temporary workers who will be hired for limited periods of time to fill in for permanent employees that go on annual leave. These temporary workers must be adequately trained and receive the necessary safety induction, including white card training for those working in the construction fields.

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Importance of Controlling Fire Explosion Risks on Construction Sites

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I came across an article on recently which discussed the importance of implementing measures for controlling the risks of fire and explosion in workplace.

The construction site is a particularly high risk work environment and the risks of fires and explosions are high.

Employers need to address these risks and eliminate them or implement controls to minimise these risks.

The article goes on to provide a list of measures to assist in this regard including using flameproof equipment on site.

It’s also important to ensure all workers have received the necessary safety training, including white card training. See more at

Fall in Work Injury Rate Across The ACT

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Safe Work Australia recently released it’s Comparative Performance Monitoring Report revealing that the incidence of serious workplace claims has dropped significantly and that the rate of compensation claims is also on the decline in The ACT.

This should be good news but it has 2 industry bodies fighting about who is to blame for ‘eroding workplace safety’ with each one blaming the other. The issue was recently the topic of an article on

The CFMEU and ACT Master Builders Association are in the midst of a squabble. The CMFEU stepped up its proactive safety inspections on building sites by 150 per cent and Master Builders has condemned this act as malicious.

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Brisbane New Home Building Still Surging

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Brisbane’s record new home building is still surging according to an article on

New residential construction is helping to revive the local economy, according to the latest figures from The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

According to the ABS, 1033 houses were approved for building over September, the second highest monthly total for this year, significantly ahead of the 912 approved over August.


Boom in Construction Boosting Employment Rates

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The unemployment rate fell to 5.9 per cent according to data released by the Bureau of Statistics recently.

The employment figures for October released earlier this month show the unemployment rate in seasonally adjusted terms had declined from 6.2 per cent in September to 5.9 per cent.


This is significant because it is the biggest monthly fall in 13 years.


Determining the Root Cause of the Accidents

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If you don’t understand the root cause of an accident or incident, how are you going to resolve the issue and ensure it doesnt happen again? The next time the consequences could be worse – cause a severe injury or fatality/fatalities!

That is why in a post on the writer highlights the importance of looking into the underlying cause of the near miss or accident.

A commonly overlooked issue is near misses. The writer emphasizes the importance of investigating near misses which she says should serve as a “wake-up call” about the need to address certain issues.

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Employment Minister Pushes for Return of Building Watchdog


The employment minister Michaelia Cash has called for the return of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

Cash has seized on a federal court decision imposing further penalties on the CFMEU to advocate for the reintroduction of the construction industry watchdog.

Cash adds her voice to that of others in the industry including the Master Builders Association.

Earlier in the year Cash lashed out at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for siding with the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.


Addressing Labour Shortages in Tasmania


The construction sector in Tasmania has welcomed the announcement from the state government of a new 2 week training course for people thinking about entering the trade.

Builders recently expressed fears that there weren’t enough skilled labourers to fill positions, particularly as construction starts to boom and The Master Builders Association urged the government to act fast.

The state government has responded with a Tafe-based training program which will be funded by TasTafe. At least 100 people will be trained for work in the construction industry.

These trainees must also complete White Card training, which is a prerequisite for work on a construction site.


Competition Key to Driving Construction Productivity

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To continue the economic growth that our country has enjoyed for over 2 decades, the government is encouraging competition, innovation and entrepreneurship to keep productivity at healthy levels in the construction industry.

During the latest Construction Leaders Forum hosted by the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of New South Wales, 25 leaders from the country’s largest contractors united to shared their ideas about how to increase innovation and productivity in the building sector. The event was supported by the Australian Constructors Association and the Australian Institute of Building.

In an article on, some of the suggestions put forward during the talks were highlighted including

  • increasing the predictability of delivery
  • Drive greater integration and collaboration
  • Move to a service-based rather than a product-based delivery model
  • Engage new technologies

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