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Airborne Fungi Pose Health Risk to Construction Workers at WestConnex

Construction workers working in the M4 East tunnels in Sydney’s inner west were exposed to extremely high concentrations of airborne fungi. It posed a potentially “high risk to all persons”. Recently 500 construction workers walked off the site after the

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NSW Construction Safety Blitz Yields Promising Results

The 12 month construction blitz conducted by SafeWork inspectors in NSW has been hailed as a success following 1258 notices being issued and 186 small businesses receiving rebates. The blitz was aimed at reducing work from heights. According to SafeWork

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SafeWork SA Apologise for Failing Victims after Failed Prosecution

SafeWork SA has apologised for the failed prosecution of a construction company following a fatal incident that caused injury to 2 women in Adelaide’s CBD. The women were crushed by a steel construction gate in 2016 when it fell on

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SafeWork’s Plan to Lower Construction Fatalities in NSW

SafeWork NSW has a plan to lower construction fatalities in the state. The plan aims to reduce work related deaths by 30 per cent and injuries and illnesses by 50 per cent over the next 5 years. Minister for Better

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NSW Gets More Funding for WHS

Workplace Health and Safety in NSW has received a $10 million boost to help slash red tape for small businesses and to increase the reach of workplace safety regulators in the state. In the 2018-2019 budget, government made a significant

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Safe Work Australia’s Chief Executive Launches National Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month has begun with a message from Safe Work Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Baxter. She is urging workers to reflect on their reasons for being safe and healthy at work. For more information on how to participate

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SafeWork NT issues Tilt Cab Safety Alert

Heavy vehicles and trucks are common fixtures on construction sites because they are invaluable for transporting loads, making the task of workers a little bit easier. But sometimes a useful tool can become an unsuspected and dangerous threat to workers.

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