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Time-lapse of the Construction of The Pop-up Opera House in Sydney

There’s nothing quite like watching a time-lapse video of the construction process to make you appreciate it. This video shows how the pop-up opera house on Sydney Harbour was erected. The construction includes restaurants, bars and tiered seating. Given the

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Time-lapse of Newcastle University construction

Construction on the University of Newcastle NeWSpace building in the CBD is in full swing and has made impressive progress so far, the project planned for completion in 2017. This video compresses a year of construction into a few minutes,

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Skyscraper Time-lapse Video Spanning 4 Years

Dubai’s latest development is the Al Habtoor City which we can watch being constructed in this time lapse video. The video shows construction progress over a 4 year period, in just a few minutes.  

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Video Shows How Fast Construction Progresses

Watch as this building takes shape. Numerous cranes are at work with construction machinery and workers scurrying around. See how work progresses on this US site.  

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Office Building Construction Time-lapse

Watch the time-lapse video of an office building under construction as below ground plumbing and electrical is installed.¬†Footing and roof gutter drainage are also installed.  

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Waste Facility Construction Time-lapse

Watch as a facility is built from the ground up, to change waste into energy. Watch numerous heavy machinery, cranes and construction processes¬†at work at the same time on this large scale construction site.  

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Time-lapse Video – Wasp Nest Construction

Wasps, bees and other insects, as well as snakes and animals can present a risk to workers on a construction site. This video shows exactly how quickly a wasp nest can be built, highlighting the need for good housekeeping on

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Bridge Construction Captured on Video

Bridge construction work can be risky, especially in conditions like this. Watch as the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge goes up in this time-lapse video.  

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Watch the Official 11 Year Time-lapse Video of One World Trade Centre

The opening of the One World Observatory atop New York’s One World Trade Centre is being commemorated with a time-lapse video of the tower’s construction which has taken over a decade to complete. The entire 11 years of construction are

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