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When The Weather Requires You to Down Tools

An interesting post on Abc.net.au highlights the dilemma facing all  tradies working on construction sites outdoors, when are the weather conditions enough to down tools? As tradepeople interviewed point out, deciding when to stop work due to the weather can

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National Asbestos Awareness Week Observed

During Asbestos Awareness Week, 19-25 November the dangers related to asbestos were highlighted, particularly to young tradespeople and apprentices who may not be familiar with the risks or what to do if they suspect exposure. Minister for Industrial Relations Grace

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Prioritise Safety in the Lead up to Christmas- Businesses Warned

Businesses and workers have been reminded to prioritise safety in the lead-up to Christmas, a time of year that is typically marked by higher injury rates. During this time of the year, people tend to relax and slack off when

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Apprentice Dies on Site in Victoria

The safety of workers, particularly new and young workers should take precedence on a work site and the evidence of what could happen if it doesn’t was brought into the spotlight by an incident that happened at a Melbourne work

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Toolkit Launched to Improve NSW Health and Safety

To coincide with National Safe Work Month, a new self assessment toolkit has been released in NSW, to improve workplace health and safety in the state. The toolkit Easy to Do Work Health and Safety will make it simpler for

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These are Australia’s Most Dangerous Industries

SafeWork Australia has revealed the most dangerous industries in the country so far in 2018. At the top of the list is the transport, postal services and warehousing industry with 29 fatalities so far, having overtaken the previous most dangerous

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Brick Wall Collapses on Construction Worker

Another construction accident has taken place, this time on a construction site south of Brisbane. The construction worker involved is recovering in hospital after he was crushed when a brick wall fell. The construction worker, aged in his fifties fell

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Two Construction Workers Lose Out on $2.2m Lotto Share

Two Sydney construction workers are kicking themselves after missing  out on a share of $2.2 million from a winning lotto ticket. Instead of buying in with their co-workers, the 2 chose to buy lunch instead while the other workers chipped

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NZ Health and Safety Complacency Rising

Health and safety compliance is on the decline in New Zealand, according to the regulator in charge of workplace safety. While the country has made strides in reducing the number of workplace deaths and injuries, there are fears that complacency

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Knowing When Is The Right Time To Down Your Tools Due To Weather

A real challenge in the construction industry is knowing when to down tools due to the weather for example when it is too hot or too wet to work. While in most cases workers get paid upon completion of work,

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