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Days wasted due to Industrial Action

cashAccording to Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, the number of days lost to industrial action due to the construction union is evident of the fact that the construction watchdog needs to be reinstated.

Minister Cash says there is a need to bring back the Australian Building and Construction Commission in order to tackle rogue unions.

She highlighted the more than 100 representatives of the CFMEU who appeared before the courts in recent years, with more than $8.25 million in fines being imposed on the union and its officials.

She also reminds us that the rate of industrial action in the construction sector is 5 times higher than the average across all industries.


Workers Concerned About Asbestos Exposure in WA


Reports say that around 450 workers at Perth’s new children’s hospital recently signed an “asbestos register” to monitor their health in the future, following the discovery of asbestos as the site.

Asbestos was recently discovered in a roof panel installed in the hospital. The area where the discovery was made has since been isolated.

Some workers, including those showered in asbestos dust were shocked at the discovery. These workers were sent home, with the work clothes covered in asbestos dust, putting their families at risk of exposure.



Is Thuggery Scaring Women Off from Construction?


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined with other politicians calling for the reinstatement of the construction industry watchdog, The Australian Building and Construction Commission to return the rule of law to the industry, a move he says will help attract more women to the industry.

The Prime Minister says union thuggery is partly to blame for the shortage of female workers on construction sites.

He was speaking in Beenleigh, south of Brisbane at the launch of a Master Builder’s program to attract more women to the industry.

The PM said the initiative ‘Advancing Women in Building and Construction Program’ , would help women get into the male dominated construction industry and help highlight other concerns plaguing the industry such as bullying and thuggery. Read more at

Builder Paid Union Official to Avoid Stop Work Orders


A builder in the ACT has told the Royal Commission into trade unions that he paid the wife of a CFMEU official $30,000 to avoid “getting on the wrong side” of the union and to avoid the union issuing stop work orders which would have cost the builder substantially.

The Royal Commission is still going on but more and more allegations of bribery and corruption are being heard. Read more about this builders story here.

Most Construction Bosses Bullied by Union


Shockingly at least one in seven construction bosses in the ACT have allegedly been bullied or intimidated by the CFMEU.

Master Builders ACT conducted a survey of its members which revealed that 70 per cent of construction bosses have been blackmailed or bullied by CFMEU officials.

Perhaps even more surprising is the revelation that more than four in 10 (41 per cent) of respondents had been subject to physical intimidation. Seventy per cent said they were intimidated verbally.

Find out more here.