Vic WorkCover – Emphasis on Construction Safety

Source : Elliott Brown

Following the statistics that were released showing that housing construction is costing the industry millions of dollars, the month of August will see WorkCover Inspectors target safety in Casey, Melbourne.

The organisation has named the campaign, “SafeSite” and will focus on inspections in the housing construction industry. Inspectors will be concentrating on safety planning, site supervision, fall prevention, housekeeping, electrical safety and workers onsite facilities and amenities.

According to the Assistant Treasurer of WorkCover, Gordon Rich-Phillips, the aim of the campaign is reduce the cost of housing construction accidents which was estimated at $17 million last year.

Rich-Phillips emphasised that safety requires a planned and concerted effort and doesn’t just happen, especially on fast paced sites.  Part of a safe site involves effective supervision and planning and every worker on site needs to be attentive to safety.  He also explained that while WorkCover is there to help, the ones ultimately responsible for safety are the workers on site.

WorkCover will target various suburban and regional areas over the next year, starting with this campaign.  Casey was chosen as the first area to be targeted, due to the high number of construction incidents that occur here each year however campaigns in five other areas will follow over the course of the next 12 months according to WorkCover.