WorkSafe WA Focus On Scaffold Safety

Photo source: Pixabay

Inspectors from WorkSafe WA will be visiting sites in the state to ensure employers and employees, particularly in the construction industry, are committed to work from height safety especially where scaffolding is involved.

Over the next 8 months inspectors will be visiting sites in Perth and regional areas focusing on slips and trips, falls from height and manual tasks.

WorkSafe inspectors last looked into scaffolding safety in 2009/2010 and will now examine whether improvements made during the last inspection program are continuing.

Inspectors will be focusing on scaffolding issues such as sole boards and base plates, ties, platforms, temporary ladders and the risks involved with  mobile scaffolding. They will also be paying close attention to the supply and hire of scaffolding. Inspectors will be using a checklist to ensure consistency.

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Statistics Show 20 Vic Worker Injured due to Falls Every Week

Another incident has occurred forcing us to consider whether we are doing enough to guard against injuries and fatalities due to falls on the work site.

A 53 year old worker recently died after he fell from a ladder, on the mezzanine floor to the ground floor at a Melbourne site.

The worker fell 4.3 metres at the building in Maidstone.

The incident has prompted WorkSafe Victoria to issue a warning regarding work from height safety.

The authority says 20 people are injured every week in Victoria due to falls in the workplace.

Employers must remember that whenever there is a risk of a construction worker falling more than 2 metres, employers need a plan to manage the risk.

But that doesn’t mean falls from lower heights can’t also be serious. Even possible falls from relatively low heights need to be addressed.

Marnie Williams,WorkSafe health and safety director said just because a fall hasn’t occurred doesn’t mean the site is safe, you could just be lucky. We cannot leave safety to luck.

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