Housing Construction Soaring in These Areas

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

Australia’s residential construction boom has been going on for a few years and in the 2015/16 financial year there were more homes built than ever before.

According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), there are certain residential hotspots including Pimpama between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and Cobitty-Leppington in Sydney which had the most number of residential buildings.

There were 20 hotspots identified where population numbers grew above the 1.4% national average and where at least $150 million worth of residential buildings were approved during the year.

$3.2Million Campaign to Make NSW Safe

SafeWork NSW has launched a campaign to make the state the safest in Australia.

The $32 million campaign “Safety starts with you”, was created out of a response to the rising number of workplace injuries and illneses in NSW across all industries.

Not only are people being injured and killed on the job but the economy is losing millions as a result. According to statistics, there were 30,902 major workplace injuries and illnesses in 2015/16 and 60 fatalities.

The cost of these incidents to the economy was $17.3 billion or 3.7 per cent of gross state product.

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ACT Apprentices Being Injured on The Job


A recent article highlighted the significant number of apprentices in the ACT that are being injured with some of them lodging compensation claims.

Recently 3 apprentices were seriously hurt on Canberra worksites, with up to 7 trainee tradies lodging compensation claims.

In case you have any apprentice concerns these are some of the injuries you should look for, as these are some of the serious injuries reported by apprentices,

  • nail guns and screws to limbs
  • timber and metal in eyes
  • lacerated fingers
  • heads hitting metal brackets
  • strained backs
  • twisted ankles

Read more http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/significant-number-apprentices-act-injured-work/#.WMl3IKKxUl1

Weekend Workplace Incidents

Two men were killed in workplace incidents over one weekend and another suffered critical head injuries.

Three separate incidents on one weekend highlighted the need to pay more attention to safety.

One man died on Saturday when a quad bike he was riding overturned on a property in East Gippsland.

In another incident, a man in his fifties died after a load of steel fell on him from a forklift and crushed him in South Gippsland.

The third incident happened in Mornington Peninsula when a man in his sixties suffered head injuries after falling 4 metres at a construction site at Merricks North. The man was painting at the time.

Sadly these incidents prove that safety isn’t always the main priority, especially when we consider that all these risks were well known, yet nothing was done to negate them.

Marnie Williams, WorkSafe’s Executive Director of Health and Safety said these incidents prove that appropriate systems that should be place to ensure risks are reduced or eliminated are being neglected.

Find out more http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/two-men-died-another-suffer-critical-injuries-workplace-incidents-weekend/#.WL0-Cn9WXqV

SafeWork NSW Fast Tracks Asbestos Assessments in Light of Fires

When conducting any kind of clean up after natural disasters, such as bushfires and floods, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks of damaged asbestos.

In light of this, SafeWork NSW recently waived it’s 5 day asbestos removal work notification timeframe following fierce bushfires in some parts of the state.

Fast tracking of assessments by SafeWork was implemented to ensure fire damaged asbestos was removed as soon as possible.

SafeWork said fire affected homes may have fire damaged asbestos materials which need to be removed safety for the health and safety of the community.

For more information contact 1800 Asbestos (1800 272 378)

Find out more http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/safework-nsw-waives-five-day-asbestos-removal-work-notification-timeframe/#.WL1GRn9WXqV

Men Arrested for Illegally Entering Work Site

Two men were arrested for illegally entering an Adelaide construction site recently, once again highlighting the importance of securing worksites, especially on weekends and after hours.

One of the men was carrying a backpack apparently brimming with tools.

The two men, one aged 21 from Hackney and another aged 32 from Adelaide were sniffed out in the seventh floor building in Kent Town after an alarm sounded just before midnight on Tuesday.

They were both charged with unlawfully being on the premises and one of them was charged with going equipped onto the site.

Find out more https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/34416694/men-busted-at-adelaide-construction-site/#page1

Construction Industry Up in Arms

The media has recently been reporting about a wave of walkouts planned by union members over the Turnbull government’s new laws.

Recently the Senate waved through a bill fast tracking the controversial rules limiting union influence on government funded sites such as roads, schools and hospitals.

It is estimated that around 3000 construction companies have a few months to replace their union friendly agreements before they become eligible to attain lucrative federal contracts again.

The CFMEU’s plans were blasted by employment minister Michaelia Cash who said they prove why tougher laws are necessary.

Read more at: http://www.smh.com.au/business/workplace-relations/industry-will-stop-wave-of-protests-to-hit-construction-sites-20170215-gue2v2.html

Talking About Mental Health

Talking about mental health with workers is just one of the steps to being proactive about psychological health and avoiding psychological injury among construction workers.

This is an important issue, given that Safe Work Australia found mental health carried a cost to the economy of $8billion annually, and it seems the crisis is worsening.

In fact according to a study by Minter Ellison, 56% of local organisations have experienced a year-on-year increase in the number of workplace claims related to mental health. Depression and anxiety are the most common problems being reported nation-wide, with stress and bullying costing $693 million.

Read more at http://www.smartcompany.com.au/people-human-resources/workplace-health-safety/83210-psychological-injury-silent-risk-aussie-business/

SafeWork SA investigates Worker Death on Building Site

The circumstances surrounding the death of a construction worker at a site in Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon, is being investigated by SafeWork SA.

The incident which left workers at the Bedford Park site in shock, happened at about 1pm when the man collapsed,shortly after working with a jackhammer.

Co-workers attempted to revive the man but failed. He died shortly afterwards, apparently due to medical reasons.

The man was undertaking work at the hospital carpark at the time of the incident. Emergency services were called to the scene but were unable to resuscitate the man.

Read more at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/investigation-worker-dies-bedford-park-building-site/#.WKrDV39WXqU